Comstice Mobility Solution for Contact Centers

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Cisco Finesse Mobile App

Cisco Finesse Mobile App

Expand Customer Service Beyond Call Center Floor

Comstice Mobility Solution helps companies to distribute customer enquiries beyond call center floor to the whole organization and the partner network.

Subject matter experts, partners or anybody within customer journey can login as an agent and receive customer enquiries through Comstice Mobile Agent app. This creates full contact center reportability, voice recording as well as full privacy for the experts.

Cisco Finesse Mobile App

Use Cases


This solution can be used to distribute customer enquiries to nearest branch, insurance broker or a loan expert. These remote agents do not need to be part of the company's data network. Small businesses such as insurance brokers can receive customer calls through Comstice Mobility solution using their mobile phone line. It is also possible to allocate the nearest expert to the customer instead of longest waiting.


Medical staff and emergency teams can receive customer calls through their mobile phone line using Comstice Mobility solution. Comstice Mobile Agent app helps them to login to contact center as an agent and receive customer calls from their mobile phone line. All the conversations will be reported in the contact center reporting and voice recording will be possible for those calls.


Customer needs to interact with various teams during service delivery in hospitality. Comstice Mobility solution can help customer to interact shuttle drivers, room service, reception, airline cabin crew even before arriving to the airport through various channels.

Cisco Finesse Mobile App

Location-Based Agent Assignment

Comstice Location Server running in your environment can help you to monitor agent locations while they are logged in. This can be used by Cisco UCCE or UCCX to select the nearest agents to the customer rather than longest waiting.

Caller can type their latitude and longitude information to Cisco IVR by checking from their Google Maps or by telling their location to the front line. This information is added as a call variable and it can be used by Mobile Agent to access and drive to customer's location.

Solution Features

Same App for the Agent and the Supervisor

If the agent has supervisor credentials, she can access to team states and change the state of the team members. Agents can also monitor the states of their team members.

Receive Customer Calls from Mobile Line

Comstice Mobile Agent is not a VoIP app; The incoming call is retrieved through mobile phone line. Agents can also use your Cisco IP Phone or analogue home line.

Works even when the phone is locked

Comstice Mobile Agents do not need to keep the screen active all the time; Comstice Mobility solution makes sure that agent state is preserved even when the phone is locked or intermittent data network issues are experienced in mobile internet.

  • Access through Mobile VPN or Network Configuration (NAT/PAT)

    No need for Cisco Expressway

    No additional Cisco license required

    Cisco Finesse Mobile App

    Receive customer calls from your mobile phone line

    No Voice over IP related call quality issues

    Stay logged in as a Cisco Finesse agent even when the phone is in your pocket.

  • Enter vehicle ID for location-based monitoring (optional)

    Cisco Finesse Mobile App

    Retrieve your license by entering your company code

  • Enter the number which the call will be retrieved. This can be the mobile phone number or any internal or external number your Cisco CUCM can dial.

    Cisco Finesse Mobile App

    Company code will identify your license type

  • Cisco UCCE license offers two options; Call by call or Nailed Up Connection

    Call by call is recommended if the mobile phone will be used to retrieve customer calls

    Cisco Finesse Mobile App

    Nailed-up connection requires a constantly active phone connection, therefore only recommended for Cisco IP Phone or analogue phone lines at home

  • Agents can see the team member states and queue information on the main view

    Agent can also make calls, slide to change the state or access other features from the menu

    Cisco Finesse Mobile App

    Agent can pull down the screen to update the data

    Comstice Mobile Agent app is a Cisco Finesse client therefore calls use Cisco CUCM dial plan i.e. agents can make a call using extensions.

  • Agent can select Not Ready or logout reason codes where applicable

    Cisco Finesse Mobile App

    As per Cisco Finesse guidelines, agent needs to be in Not Ready state to be able to log out.

  • Agent can access to the previous call details including call variables from the Call Logs menu option

    Fully integrated with NoTime Mobile Customer Engagement Platform

    Fallback from AI Chatbots which can not answer customer's questions

    Cisco Finesse Mobile App

    Call variables can be listed

    Accepting and managing Callbacks

    Managing incoming customer emails, along with an automated ticketing system

  • Comstice Mobile Agent app offers a seamless CRM integration without any development required

    Fully integrated with NoTime Mobile Customer Engagement Platform

    Fallback from AI Chatbots which can not answer customer's questions

    Cisco Finesse Mobile App

    Built-in browser helps to access customer CRM data during or after the call has ended.

    Agent can tap on the CRM button in an active call or access to customer's CRM page from the CRM button in the Call Logs

    Managing incoming customer emails, along with an automated ticketing system

  • Agent can access Cisco CUCM Corporate Directory contacts, Cisco Finesse Phone Books and add contacts into your Personal Contacts

    Cisco Finesse Mobile App

    Agent can also add contacts into Personal Contacts manually

    There is no access to mobile device's own contacts since Comstice Mobile Agent uses Cisco CUCM dial plan.

  • Comstice Mobile Agent app provides a barcode reader and a signature pad

    Collected barcode and signature information can be uploaded into CRM platforms

    Cisco Finesse Mobile App

    Comstice Barcode and Signature Server hosted in your network can also store all the collected information for other enterprise applications to access

  • Map feature in Comstice Mobile Agent helps agents to access customer's geo-location during active call or once the call ends

    Call variables display the Map icon where available in the Call Logs.

    No additional server required for this feature.

    Cisco Finesse Mobile App

    Map also helps agent to find the directions to the customer. Agent can open Google Maps or any alernative map apps from Mobile Agent app and follow the directions to the customer

  • Comstice Mobile Agent also helps agents to see the states and reason codes of the other team members

    Cisco Finesse Mobile App

    If agent also has supervisor rights, she can change the states of other agents or log them out.

30-Day Trial

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Supports Cisco and Genesys Contact Centers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Comstice Mobile App is licensed?

Comstice Mobile App is licensed per named agent. Using the company code provided agents can retrieve their company information from Comstice Licensing Server

Where is Comstice Licensing Server?

Comstice Licensing Servers are spread around the world with geo-redundancy in mind.

How does the rollout work?

Once you configure your Cisco CUCM and Cisco UCCE/UCCX, agents can retrieve their licenses by entering the company code provided into the app settings. Then either using a Mobile VPN or NAT over the firewall, they can access and login to Cisco Finesse. They can go to Ready state and start taking customer calls.

Can this app be used with normal phones and Cisco IP Phones?

Yes. Analogue phones or Cisco IP Phones can be used. You do not need to use your mobile phone line.

Do you support Windows Mobile Phones?

No. Currently we only support Apple IOS and Google Android devices.

Is it possible to record voice conversations?

Yes. Existing voice recording platforms can be used to record mobile agent calls.

Is there is Voice over IP? Do we need Cisco Jabber?

You do not need Cisco Jabber and there is no voice over IP in Comstice Mobile App. It is possible to use Comstice Mobile Agent app with Cisco Jabber IOS or Android, if preferred.

Can agent lock the phone screen and carry it in her pocket? Does the app need to be active all the time?

App can work in the background and agent can stay logged on even when the phone is locked.

Can agent disable location monitoring? Is it mandatory?

Location monitoring is not mandatory and agent can always disable location monitoring from the mobile device. Location monitoring only occurs when the agent is logged in and it is disabled by default. Depending on the requirements, it can be enabled per team.

Does this app have IPad/Tablet support?

Yes. You can run the app from IPad or an Android tablet. In that case, you need to use an external phone that Cisco CUCM can dial in. This could be another mobile phone, Cisco Jabber, home or office phone.

Can I try the app without any license or server?

Yes. You can download the app and run it in demo mode by tapping on the "Demo Mode" button at the login page. Also you can create a 30-day trial licence for the full feature set.

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