Cisco UCCX Wallboard

Real-time and Historical Data visualization for Cisco UCCX
Contact Centers

On-premise and multi-tenant solution for better data privacy

Cisco UCCX Wallboard

Learn more about Cisco UCCX Reporting and Analytics with Comstice Quartz to see how we help Cisco UCCX contact centers for better contact center reporting and analytics.

Cisco UCCX Wallboard

Easy to Create Dashboards

Create your boards using out-of-the-box KPIs

Comstice Wallboard empowers business stakeholders so that they can create, share and update Cisco UCCX dashboards without any help from IT.

They can create their own dashboards using the built-in performance indicators specifically designed for Cisco UCCX, filter based on the agents, CSQs and the skills. They can also lock the settings and share the dashboards with the team members and executives.

Check out Comstice key performance indicators for Cisco UCCE available out of the box and example dashboard designs you can create.

Comstice Wallboard UCCX

Display each call in the queue

Detailed information about every active call in the call center

Comstice Wallboard can visualise every active inbound and outbound call in the call center.

By monitoring real-time call and agent events, it can show the phone number of the other party, call variable values, caller's name and other details.

Cisco UCCX Multi-Tenancy

Multi-Tenant Wallboard for Cisco UCCX

Control data access in Cisco Call Centers

Comstice Wallboard offers data protection inside the call center. You can set which agent and the queue information each wallboard user is permitted to access.

This helps to protect the data of each team from other stakeholders.

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Cherry-Pick Calls From Q

Monitor and manually route individual calls in Queue

Comstice Wallboard integrates with Cisco UCCX IVR and monitors individual calls in the queue with caller ID, called number, queue name and flags. This feature is available in Comstice Wallboard as well as Comstice Desktop Agent for Cisco Finesse.

Supervisors can route a particular call to an agent or to another destination. Agents can monitor and route the calls to themselves.

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Desktop Ticker App for Agents

Sticky Note App to monitor queue and agent state

Comstice Wallboard Ticker app is a click an run application that shows selected performance indicators. You can filter calltypes or precision queues and monitor the selected parameters. It doesn't require any installation.

Once launched, it stays on top of any active window on your PC, therefore helps agents to monitor the queue even though when they are working remotely. You can download the Wallboard Ticker from below;

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Cisco UCCX Wallboard Mobile App

Monitor Contact Center Anywhere, Anytime

Wallboard mobile app can be used from agents to executives. It helps to monitor call volumes, real-time queue information and agent states. It only updates the data when it is active on phone screen.

Each user is associated with a security profile so that they can only see the information about the agents and the queues they are permitted.


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  • What is the license model for Cisco UCCX Wallboard by Comstice?

    Cisco UCCX Wallboard by Comstice is licensed based on the number of reported (named) agents. There is no limit on number of concurrent users accessing the data.

  • Do I need additional licenses on Cisco UCCX?

    No additional licenses needed.

  • Can we create our own widgets?

    Yes. You can do that in the premium version by using RESTFul APIs from third party applications.

  • Which features are part of the premium version?

    Ability to add third party widgets, wallboard ticker, wallboard mobile app, cherry-picking the calls from the queue, configuration provisioning and reskilling, historical dashboards are part of the premium version.

  • Why should I use Comstice Wallboard instead of generic BI tools?

    Comstice Wallboard is specifically designed for managing and visualising customer experience. It has built-in key performance indicators as widgets, as well as other contact center features out of the box.

  • Does Comstice Wallboard store any data?

    Comstice Wallboard only stores data in the premium version for the historical dashboards. We store and present the data from Wallboard's local database for faster execution.

  • Can we control the level of access that my team members and supervisors have?

    Yes, you can. It is possible to create profiles to access agent-specific and call volume information.

  • Can I change agent skills / settings?

    Yes, you can in the premium version.

  • How long does it take to train an agent or supervisor on Quartz?

    Typically we run one hour-long train-the-trainer session for supervisors, and also provide video and pdf content.

  • Can we control the level of access that my team members and supervisors have?

    Any active directory user can login to Comstice Wallboard and create dashboard based on their permissions. You can create a dashboard and share the permanent link. You can lock the filters so the recipients can only see the data with your filters.