Amazon Connect Softphone

Click-and-run agent and supervisor client, no browser dependency, with built-in softphone

Optimise agent and supervisor experience for Windows, Linux and MacOS clients. Better contact handling, screen-pop and CRM integration. No installation or upgrade required.

Amazon Connect Softphone

COMING SOON!!! Download Comstice Connect Softphone, unzip and click on ComsticeConnectSoftphone.exe

  • Screen-pop, audible and visual alerts

    Monitoring Break Duration with Break Reason Codes

    One-click Transfer to Other Queues for Mis-Queued Calls

    Amazon Connect Softphone

    Screen pop in Not Ready, when thresholds are reached

    Agent state percentage with Donut chart

    Scrolling team messages with color codes

  • Daily Call stats for the Agent: Answered, abandoned, talk time and ASA

    Amazon Connect Softphone

    Agent state durations: Average, longest and total

  • Amazon Connect Softphone

    Company Logo and the colors in the login page

  • Call logs for the last seven days

    Call variables for the incoming calls

    Amazon Connect Softphone

    Total inbound and outbound calls

    One-click callback from the logs

  • Personal Contacts which agent can create, edit and delete

    Adding Corporate Directory Contacts to Personal Contacts

    Making calls from Personal Contacts

    Amazon Connect Softphone

    Access to Corporate Directory Contacts

    Access to Microsoft Active Directory and LDAP Contacts

    Bulk import of Personal Contacts

  • Agents can access to the states of team members

    State of each team member with Reason Codes

    Call or private chat with the team members

    Amazon Connect Softphone

    Color-coded team states in Donut chat

    Supervisor can change agent states, access agent's daily statistics and log out the agent

    Supervisor can do silent Monitoring, barge-in or intercept when agent is in Talking state

  • Screen-pop, audible and visual alerts

    Monitoring Break Duration with Break Reason Codes

    One-click Transfer to Other Queues for Mis-Queued Calls

    Amazon Connect Softphone

    Access to Team States for other agents

    Call Logs with variables

    Access to LDAP Corporate Directory, Microsoft AD Contacts

  • Amazon Connect Softphone

    Supervisor Console for additional features

    Monitoring team states, reason codes and other data

    Accessing multiple teams, sorting agents alphabetically or based on their state

  • Comstice Omnichannel features

    Amazon Connect Softphone

    Customer Chats: Web and mobile

    Accepting and managing Callbacks

    Managing incoming customer emails, along with an automated ticketing system


Comstice Connect Softphone vs Amazon Connect Web Client

Amazon Connect browser client is great for getting up and going live quickly. However many features agents and team leaders are looking for are not available out of the box.

Comstice Connect Softphone offers all the agent and supervisor functionality with a beautiful design and great user experience. It does not require any installation. It reduces contact handle time and wait time by offering audio and visual notifications to the logged-in agents.


Unique Features of Comstice Connect Softphone for Amazon Connect

Easily accessible omnichannel communication from mobile and the web will help your customer to build the habit of using the other options before making any calls.

Amazon Connect Softphone

No Installation Required

You don't have to install Comstice Deskop Agent. You can download the portable version, extract the zipped folder, click on Agent.jar and run. It is also possible to copy the portable version into a network drive and run from there.

Amazon Connect Softphone

Omnichannel: Chat, callback, email

Agent can have voice, chat, callback and email channels using the same client. Omnichannel features (chat, callback and email) are offered through Comstice OmniChannel Server.

Amazon Connect Softphone

Agent Reskilling

Supervisors can reskill the agents in their team using the Comstice Desktop Agent Supervisor Console. They can change Routing Profiles of an agent.

Amazon Connect Softphone

Team Messages, Break Duration, Visual and Audio Alerts

Managers can create team messages with color-coded priority levels which will be shown as scrolling messages, enable audio and visual alerts for calls in queue and oldest in queue. When agent selects a reason code with the word "break" in it, break duration will increment as a bar chart.

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Features Amazon Connect Web Client Comstice Desktop Agent for Amazon Connect
No Client Installation Required Yes Yes
No Additional Server Required Yes Yes
Browser Independent No Yes
Native Screen-Pop for calls in queue and incoming calls No Yes
Agent to Agent Calls and transfers No Yes
Ability to Edit Call Variables No Yes
Company colors and logo No Yes
Agent access to daily agent stats, number of calls answered, abandoned, average, total and maximum agent state durations No Yes
One-click transfer for the mis-queued calls No Yes
Visual and Audio alerts for the Queued Calls No Yes
Access to LDAP Corporate Directory and Microsoft AD Contacts No Yes
Seamless integration with any CRM platform without any development required No Yes
Customer CRM page auto pop-up or on-demand access from the active call window No Yes
Start/Stop Voice Recording during the call No Yes
Monitoring Individual Calls in Queue No Yes
Supervisor: Agent Reskilling No Yes

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we have a dedicated client when we can have free agent login

Agent experience in the default interface has shortcomings; many agent and supervisor features are missing, browser interface lacks many features and there are many browser-related issues and limitations. Comstice Desktop Agent offers a compact yet feature rich and easy to use agent and supervisor experience which reduces the average handle time and icreases agent availability.

Do we need additional server

Not for the basic features. But for the full benefits, you will have a Linux-based Comstice virtual server. You can run it anywhere you prefer.

How does the upgrade work?

Agents and supervisors can download and unzip the latest version and start using it. No uninstall/reinstall required.

How Desktop Agent is licensed?

It is licensed per named agent. Same license can be used for the agents and the supervisors.

How does the rollout work?

Agents and supervisors download Comstice Desktop Agent and run it from their PCs. They use the company code to retrieve their licence and company settings.

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