Avaya Contact Center Suite by Comstice

Make the most of your Avaya Contact Centers with Comstice Avaya Suite


Avaya Wallboard by Comstice

  • Avaya CMS and AES-based real-time and historical data visualization.
  • Easy to create dashboards using out of the box performance indicators.
  • Easy to share and access through web, Comstice Wallboard mobile app and desktop ticker.
  • Dynamic notifications through email, SMS and mobile apps based on business rules you create.
  • Monitoring individual calls and cherry-picking them from the queue Learn More


Avaya Reporting and Analytics

  • Comstice Quartz helps to eliminate manual work on contact center reporting. Using automated team scorecards and agent scorecards, you can create deliver visual reportsfor Avaya Aura contact centers automatically via email every day, week or month.
  • Using Historical Dashboards, you can monitor the call trends as well as the contact center performance visually and take necessary actions quickly.
  • Comstice Quartz Web Portal is for all the business stakeholders of the contact center operations, from agent to C-level.
Click here to learn more about Comstice Quartz Reporting and Analytics solution.


CRM / Backoffice Integration

Comstice can integrate many CRM platforms including ServiceNow, Salesforce, Zendesk, SAP. This can help agents to manage the tickets and update customer details on the same screen.


Avaya Web Agent

  • Comstice offers a web-based agent and supervisor functionality through Avaya Application Enablement Services.
  • Comstice Quartz includes agent and softphone functionality for the call center agents.
  • They can login as an agent and manage calls through web browser, without installing anyting on the agent PC.
  • Team leaders can also add new widgets to agent portal.

Customer Journey Maps

Visualising real-time and historical customer journeys for better customer engagement, minimizing handle time and increase first contact resolution.

Comstice Customer Journey Maps provide the details of each journey through various channels for a customer. Call center agents and BI experts can analyse the overall customer touchpoints visually and then drill down deeper into individual engagement details.

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