We Help Your Company to Talk to More Customers over the Phone

People want to talk to people. Your customers, leads and prospects would prefer to talk to an expert at any time of the day to make a decision about your products.

At Comstice, we help companies to achieve that, regardless of the size of their business.

Mobile-First Customer Engagement Solutions

Efficient Remote Call Centers

Easy to use and qucik to roll out solutions, real-time notifications and alerts for
Avaya, Cisco and Amazon Connect contact centers

Cisco Finesse Native Desktop Client

Comstice Desktop Agent for Contact Centers

Click-and-run agent and supervisor app for better contact handling no browser dependency, CRM screen-pops and built-in softphone for Cisco and Amazon Connect.

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Cisco and Amazon Connect Dashboard

Real-Time Alerts for Remote Agents

Comstice Wallboard mobile app (IOS and Android) helps remote workers to follow the daily performance and wallboard desktop ticker stays active on their screen for audio and visual alerts.Cisco, Avaya and Amazon Connect

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Comstice Quartz Reporting and Analytics for Cisco UCCE PCCE and UCCX

Quartz Reporting and Analytics

Visual call center reports, automated performance scorecards, easy access to meaningful data. Cisco, Avaya and Amazon Connect

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Mobile Second Line for Business

Utilise office business phone number (DID) to make and receive calls from mobile.

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Make and receive mobile calls through cell network without disclosing employee and customer number. Learn more.


CRM Screen-pop and Callback Lists for mobile employees and partners. Learn more.


Salesforce Mobile app by Comstice for making and receiving mobile calls by name from contacts in the Salesforce mobile app. Learn more.

Event-Based Big Data for Contact Centers

Eliminate the limitations of Avaya and Cisco contact center reports by creating a new data set that can be analyzed by the big data and BI tools.

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Comstice Extend will record every single contact center and telephony activity into its own database with timestamps and other relevant information. Businesses can use business intelligence and data visualisation tools to create reports based on their business needs.Learn more.

Captured data is not fully structured or summarised; it includes all the available details of the contact center, telephony and device activity. Businesses are not limited to vendor's database schema; they can create their own data structure using Comstice Extend raw data.Learn more.

All the data will be written real-time and any report can capture the latest data even before the call is complete. This also helps to visualise the individual calls in queue, in IVR self-service level or currently handled by the agents with full caller ID details.Learn more.

Working with the unstructured data gives BI experts an opportunity create multi-domensional reports with more relational insights.Learn more.

Mobility in Customer Service
Expand Customer Service Beyond Call Center Floor

Mobile Call Center Agent App to login as a call center agent, receive customer calls from mobile phone line, access CRM applications with detailed call center reporting and compliance recording.Cisco, Salesforce with Finesse and Amazon Connect Mobile


No desktop PC required. Download and run call center mobile app in demo mode.


Check out the use cases and how mobile call center agents make businesses more agile.


Check out Mobile Call Center Security Practices


Pay as You Use Call Center Service With Talent

Uberise Customer Service for Better Quality and Scalability

Freelance Call Center Professionals in Pay per Minute Call Center Service
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