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Mobile-First Customer Engagement Solutions

Better Performance from your Contact Center

We design our solutions for a better agent experience, more efficient contact handling and an excellent team performance

Cisco Finesse Native Desktop Client

Comstice Desktop Agent for Contact Centers

Native agent and supervisor app solution for better contact handling without any browser dependency. OmniChannel Support (Chat, Callback, Email, Twitter). Supports Cisco Finesse.

Cisco and Genesys Dashboard

Comstice Wallboard for Contact Centers

Real-Time and Daily Historical Data Visualization platform for better data accessibility, easier to build and share as well as powerful notification features Includes Wallboard Ticker desktop app and Wallboard Mobile App. Supports Cisco and Genesys contact centers.

Comstice Mobile Agent for Cisco Finesse

Comstice Mobility for Contact Centers

Login as a contact center agent or a supervisor without any Desktop PC, receive customer calls from your mobile number with full contact center reporting, access CRM data and record the voice conversations as usual.Supports Cisco and Genesys contact centers.

See the Big Picture in Your Contact Center
For Cisco UCCE & UCCX

Quartz Analytics and Reporting

Move your customer enquiries to alternative channels

Customers see calling your customer service as the last resort. Easily accessible omnichannel communications from mobile and the web will help your customers to build the habit of using the alternative options before making any calls.

Cisco Genesys

Persistent Chat in Mobile and Web

Comstice helps customer chat to be more accessible; customers can start a web chat and continue as a mobile chat and keep the chat session active until all their questions are answered.

Comstice NoTime

Mobile Video Calls to Customer Care

Rolling out video customer engagementc could not be easier; customers can download a single app to collaborate with many businesses in various channels including video.

Comstice NoTime

Skill-Based Twitter

You can identify the tweets based on the skills needed using the skill IDs in the hashtag, such as @comstice #21. NoTime mobile app adds skillIDs into the customer tweets automatically.

Comstice NoTime

Callback Requests

Offer callback requests with the time suitable to the customer to streamline the inbound calls. Callback is particularly useful to access to the teams who do not usually take inbound calls from the queue.


Consumer Mobile app for Customer Service

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Expand Customer Service Beyond Call Center Floor

There are many roles in your organization who are not full-time call center agents but whom customers would like to have a direct engagement. Comstice offers solutions to have a direct communication between your customers, employees and partners in the customer journey.

Comstice NoTime

Mobile Customer Chat and Callback

Persistent chat helps customers to communicate withe the experts directly. Partners and experts can respond to customer chats from NoTime Partner app or the web interface. Chatbots can also be implemented easily as well.

Comstice NoTime

Account Manager to every single customer

Making omnichannel more accessible by the experts gives your business the opportunity to assign an account manager / customer advocate for every single customer. Direct chat with these ambassadors help customers to feel better connected with the business and the brand.

Comstice NoTime

Mobile Call Center Agent

Full contact center visibility and voice recording for Mobile contact center agents. This helps customers to reach out to experts through voice while the experts retaining their privacy and personal details.

Comstice NoTime

Visual Company Structure

Visual company structure in NoTime app helps customers to navigate through the exact team who can solve their problem, eliminating any speech recognition or IVR menu options.

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