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Empowering human communications in Customer Service

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Mobile-First Customer Engagement Solutions

Higher Efficiency in Call Centers

More accessible call centers with better business outcomes
Avaya, Genesys, Cisco and Amazon Connect contact centers

Cisco Finesse Native Desktop Client

Comstice Desktop Agent for Contact Centers

Click-and-run agent and supervisor app for better contact handling without any browser dependency, screen-pops and instant CRM integration. Learn more

Cisco and Genesys Dashboard

Comstice Board for Contact Centers

Easy to build, real-time and historical data visualization for contact centers. Third party integration and powerful notification features. Wallboard Ticker desktop app and Wallboard Mobile App for remote agents. Learn more

Comstice Quartz Reporting and Analytics for Cisco UCCE PCCE and UCCX

Quartz Reporting and Analytics

Visual call center reports, automated performance scorecards, easy access to meaningful data.Learn more

Mobility in Customer Service
Expand Customer Service Beyond Call Center Floor

Avaya, Cisco and Amazon Connect

Mobile Call Center Agent App to login as a call center agent, receive customer calls from mobile phone line, access CRM applications with detailed call center reporting and compliance recording.


No desktop PC required. Download and run call center mobile app in demo mode.


Check out the use cases and how mobile call center agents make businesses more agile.


Check out Mobile Call Center Security Practices


Pay as You Use Call Center Service Including Talent

Uberisation of Customer Service

Better Customer Service with Freelance Call Center Talent and Pay per Minute Call Center Service

Better Service in Your Call Center

Monitor customer experience, optimise their journey, maximise first contact resolution with best next action recommendations.

Customer Journey Maps

Customer Journey Maps

Real-time and historical customer journey maps from various touch points to offer better visibility to your call center agents. Empathy with your customers to help you to win them back.

Comstice NoTime

Best Next Action

Instant, smart decisions for your calling customers about what to do next, how to move forward to achieve better business outcomes, have happy customers and reduce handle times.

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