Amazon Connect Workspaces Widgets

Connect to Amazon Connect using Comstice SIP Connector to retain old phone numbers

Integrate existing phone numbers or IP-PBX with Amazon Connect for cloud contact center, self-service, Microsoft Teams integration for Voice and mobile softphone apps.

Amazon Connect Workspaces Widgets

Why Amazon Connect SIP Connector

Amazon Connect Workspaces Widgets

Reliable Cloud Telephony

Isolated Telephony Service instance with highest availability in the cloud call center market.

Cisco UCCE UCCX Finesse Webex CC Agent Portal

Intelligent Customer Experience

Create intelligent customer experience features using AWS services and third-party AI solutions.

Amazon Connect Workspaces Widgets

Innovative Customer Service

Roll out new customer experience features faster, enable mobile-first solutions securely.

Amazon Connect SIP Connector Use Cases

Retain Existing Phone Numbers

Use existing phone numbers and your SIP trunk with Amazon Connect without any number portability.Learn more

Integrate with Existing IP-PBX

Integrate Amazon Connect with your IP-PBX to use Amazon Connect as your call center, while enterprise users are in the old system.Learn more


Retain original calling party number when transferring SIP call to Amazon Connect Queues and the agents. Learn more

Microsoft Teams for Voice

Make calls between Microsoft Teams users and Amazon Connect agents and use Amazon Connect as PSTN Breakout for MS Teams.Learn more

Amazon Connect Federation

Transfer calls from one Amazon Connect instance to another Amazon Connect instance. Learn more

Amazon Connect Mobile Softphone

Non-CCP Mobile softphone for extendung customer journey to mobile employees and partners.Learn more

Agent to Agent VoIP Calling

Use Comstice Webphone with Amazon Connect Workspaces to make and receive direct calls between Amazon Connect agents. Learn more

SIP Phone Support

Integrate your SIP Phones with Amazon Connect to make and receive calls from Amazon Connect contact flows and the agents. Learn more

Amazon Connect Workspaces Widgets

How Amazon Connect SIP Connector Works

Comstice offers a WebRTC Gateway which converts SIP calls to WebRTC and vice versa. You can run Comstice WebRTC Gateway on an AWS EC2 or it can be hosted by Comstice.

WebRTC Gateway converts standard SIP call to WebRTC then using Amazon Connect WebRTC Calling APIs, it sends the call to to Amazon Connect contact flows.

Sending Calls from Amazon Connect to SIP

Comstice SIP Connector terminates multiple agents sessions on the server side. These sessions act as CTI ports to Comstice WebRTC Gateway.

Amazon Connect agents or contact flows will send the calls to the SIP queue which will extend the Amazon Connect call to SIP Network.

Amazon Connect Workspaces Widgets

Agent can enter the destination number on the contact flow while transferring the call to the SIP Queue. Comstice Dialplan Manager will help to locate the destination and will send the call to SIP network.

Amazon Connect Workspaces Widgets

Comstice Dialplan Manager

Comstice WebRTC Gateway includes a dialplan manager module where you can assign internal extensions and prefixes to SIP, Microsoft Teams and Amazon Connect agents and the queues.

Amazon Connect agent can transfer the call to Amazon Connect SIP Queue and enter the destination number on the contact flow.

Amazon Connect Outbound Campaign Dialer

Comstice Amazon Connect Dialer

Outbound Dialer and Campaign Manager that can work standalone, utilize Amazon Connect or your existing SIP trunks for PSTN access.

Comstice Amazon Connect Reporting and Analytics

Over 30 stock reports, Amazon Connect Cradle to Grave reports, agent scorecards, scheduled reports and scorecards by email, end of day digest reports based on the goals and thresholds.

Amazon Connect Reporting and Analytics
Amazon Connect Wallboard

Comstice Amazon Connect Wallboard

Real-time and daily historical dashboards, user-configurable, self-service dashboard creation, real-time email and SMS notifications, agent ticker app, Wallboard Mobile app and more.

Comstice Amazon Connect Mobile Softphone

Non-CCP mobile softphone that can be used to extend customer calls to remote users, dynamic call routing features, Salesforce and other CRM integration and more.

Amazon Connect SIP Support

Comstice Widgets for Amazon Connect Workspaces

You will create a group of Amazon Connect users as agents on your instance. Incoming calls can be sent to those users with destination call number as a a contact flow attribute.

Amazon Connect SIP Support

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Comstice SIP Connector licensed?

It is licensed based on the number of voice channels i.e. concurrent number of calls you would like to handle between your Amazon Connect instance and SIP networks.

Can I integrate multiple Amazon Connect Instances?

Yes. You can integrate multiple Amazon Connect Instances with Comstice AWS SIP Connector.

What is the minimum number of voice channels I can subscribe?

Voice channel subscriptions are available 5-channel bundles. You can have minimum 5-channel bundle per Amazon Connect instance.

How does the rollout work?

You will create dedicated agents for the voice channels and Comstice will configure your instance on the connector. You will then send the call to those agents with an attribute for the destination number. For receiving SIP calls, you will create an IAM user with Amazon Connect WebRTC Call API permissions. EC2 will be created and Comstice WebRTC Gateway will be deployed.

Our instance is SSO-Enabled. Is that a problem?

Comstice SIP Connector supports many popular SSO providers such as AzureAD, Google and Okta, as long as multi-factor authentication is not enabled on the Comstice Agent accounts.

Can I send calls from SIP network to Amazon Connect contact flows using this?


Can I use this to connect multiple Amazon Connect instances?


What are the supported round-trip times?

RTT of 500ms is the maximum recommended delay for an acceptable audio quality.

Can I still record calls using Amazon Connect?

Yes, you can still record as before.

Can I terminate SIP Phones directly on this setup?

Yes. You can terminate SIP Phones directly on this solution. Comstice WebRTC Gateway includes a SIP Proxy so your devices can directly register.