Amazon Connect Outbound Campaign Dialer

Create campaigns, define business outcomes, monitor performance with real-time and historical reports

By using Comstice Dialer with Amazon Connect, you can have the full business lifecycle of the Outbound Campaign Management including Campaign Performance, Business Outcomes and Revenue Management.

Amazon Connect Dialer

Why Amazon Connect Outbound Campaign Dialer

Comstice Amazon Connect Outbound Campaign Dialer

Better Campaign Performance

Create campaigns with business outcomes, monitor real-time performance and improve processes during campaign

Comstice Amazon Connect Outbound Campaign Dialer

Success in Business Outcomes

Create intelligent customer experience features using AWS services and third-party AI solutions.

Comstice Amazon Connect Outbound Campaign Dialer

Monitor Campaign Revenue and Costs

Monitor closed business, revenue, business targets and the cost of the operations real-time.

Amazon Connect Outbound Campaign Dialer Features

Define Business Outcomes

Create business outcomes, group them and assign an outcome group to each contactLearn more

Create Campaigns

Schedule campaign, select agents, queues and contact flows as well as dialing list.Learn more

Real-Time Campaign Dashboard

Monitor agent attendance, campaign progress, contact status, real-time agent states, business outcomes and revenue. Learn more

Agent Scorecards for Campaigns

Schedule agent performance scorecards to be sent by email as a web link, daily, weekly and monthly.Learn more

Campaign Historical Reports

Stock Outbound Campaign Reports, business outcome reports, report scheduling and report thresholds. Learn more

Agent Campaign Widgets

Amazon Connect Workspaces widgets for outbound campaign agents to monitor their activity and access contact status.Learn more

CRM Integration

Trace and retrieve further information from CRM solutions about each contact. Learn more

SIP Trunk Support

Use a third-party SIP trunk and send the calls outside your trunk instepad of Amazon Connect PSTN. Learn more

Amazon Connect Outbound Dialer Topology

Comstice Outbound Dialer for Amazon Connect can be run on an EC2 as a dedicated service to your organization. It can also be hosted by Comstice as a managed service.

Amazon Connect Mobile Softphone app

Outbound Dialer web interface helps to manage campaigns, access real-time dashboards and historical reports and hosts agent widgets for campaign management.

Bundle With

Comstice Amazon Connect Reporting and Analytics

Outbound Dialer already includes outbound reports and scheduling features. Cosmtice Quartz also has inbound reporting features that you can integrate with your inbound operations.Learnmore.

Amazon Connect SIP Support

Comstice Amazon Connect Wallboard

Comstice Dialer already offers real-time dashboards for the outbound calls. Comstice Wallboard also offers widgets and layouts for the inbound queues and agents. Click here to learn more.

Comstice Amazon Connect Mobile Softphone

Comstice offers a mobile softphone app solution for users who are not part of customer service but need to make and receive calls. Amaozn Connect does not offer mobile support but Comstice provides a non-CCP mobile softphone that integrates with Amaozn Connect.Learn more.

Comstice Widgets for Amazon Connect Workspaces

Similar to Avaya Experience Portal, Avaya Workspaces and Cisco Finesse, Amazon Connect offers a configurable agent experience called Amazon Connect Workspaces. Comstice offers features as widgets that you can add to agent interfaces and customize agent experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Comstice SIP Connector licensed?

It is licensed based on the number of voice channels i.e. concurrent number of calls you would like to handle between your Amazon Connect instance and SIP networks.

Can I integrate multiple Amazon Connect Instances?

Yes. You can integrate multiple Amazon Connect Instances with Comstice AWS SIP Connector.

What is the minimum number of voice channels I can subscribe?

Voice channel subscriptions are available 5-channel bundles. You can have minimum 5-channel bundle per Amazon Connect instance.

How does the rollout work?

You will create dedicated agents for the voice channels and Comstice will configure your instance on the connector. You will then send the call to those agents with an attribute for the destination number. For receiving SIP calls, you will create an IAM user with Amazon Connect WebRTC Call API permissions. EC2 will be created and Comstice WebRTC Gateway will be deployed.

Our instance is SSO-Enabled. Is that a problem?

Comstice SIP Connector supports many popular SSO providers such as AzureAD, Google and Okta, as long as multi-factor authentication is not enabled on the Comstice Agent accounts.

Can I send calls from SIP network to Amazon Connect contact flows using this?


Can I use this to connect multiple Amazon Connect instances?


What are the supported round-trip times?

RTT of 500ms is the maximum recommended delay for an acceptable audio quality.

Can I still record calls using Amazon Connect?

Yes, you can still record as before.

Can I terminate SIP Phones directly on this setup?

Yes. You can terminate SIP Phones directly on this solution. Comstice WebRTC Gateway includes a SIP Proxy so your devices can directly register.