Cisco Finesse Webphone Gadget

Turn Your On-Prem Call Center into Cloud One

Webphone Gadget for Cisco UCCE, PCCE and UCCX

Built-in phone in the browser with Cisco Finesse Web Agent for remote contact center agents

Cisco UCCX Wallboard

Learn more about Comstice Webphone benefits, use cases and technical architecture.

Cisco Finesse Mobile App

Cisco Finesse WebRTC Gadget

Comstice Mobile Agent is a Cisco Finesse client and communicates with Cisco Finesse through Comstice Mobility Servers. Comstice Mobility Server is a Linux-based virtual server hosted in organisation's data centers, preferably in the DMZ. Mobility Server regulates the communication between the Cisco Finesse Server and Comstice Mobile Agent app, delivering secure communications between the mobile app the Cisco Finesse servers.


Webphone inside Your CRM Platform

Comstice Webphone offers RESTFul APIs so you can integrate webphone functionality on any third party platform.

Not only Cisco Finesse agents but also Cisco CUCM users can utilise telephony functionality through Comstice Webphone RESTFul APIs.

You can add telephony functionality into your CRM browser or any internal web page, restrict access to customer phone numbers by rolling out "Calling by Name" feature

Why Cisco Finesse WebRTC Gadget

No installation required

No software or plugins need to be installed on agent PCs. Both agent and telephony features are browser-based.

No VPN Needed

Comstice Mobility Server acts as a proxy between Cisco Finesse Web users and Cisco Finesse servers on UCCE and UCCX. Therefore no VPN needed for a secure agent communication.

Video Support

Video can be enabled for incoming and outgoing calls. Businesses can terminate incoming video calls via SIP trunk on Cisco CUCM and redirect video calls to Comstice Webphone.

Switch between Cisco phone and webphone

Call Center agents can switch between Cisco phones and Finesse webphone seamlessly.

Cisco UCCE Multi-tenancy

Cisco UCCE PCCE Mobile Agent Feature

UCCE Remote Agent functionality in a webphone

Comstice Webphone acts like a third party phone and utilises Cisco UCCE Mobile Agent features. Any functionality supported by Cisco UCCE Mobile Agent Feature is available with Comstice Webphone, such as agent greeting and whisper.

Cisco UCCX Extend and Connect Feature

Cisco UCCX Agent features with Third Party Phones

Comstice Webphone uses Cisco Extend and Connect feature to login as an agent using third party phones. Comstice also offers an additional service for making outbound calls (system calls the agent and then the destination), transfer and conference features.

Comstice Handoff service helps agents to switch between their Cisco IP Phones and Comstice Webphone using a web interface. This service helps agents to update Cisco CUCM End User "IPCC Extension" parameter without any admin rights.

Cisco UCCE Multi-tenancy

Technical Architecture

On-Premise Webphone Solution for Remote Agents. Learn more

Comstice Webphone offers telephony functionality built inside Cisco Finesse Web Agent interface. Comstice Mobility Server includes a SIP Proxy, WebRTC Gateway, Telephony Service and Web Proxy.Remote agents can login and access agent and telephony functions from the same interface.

Comstice Webphone RESTFul APIs offer telephony functionality to be integrated into any web interface with or without Cisco Finesse.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Comstice Mobility Server acts as a web proxy, SIP proxy, WebRTC Gateway and telephony service. Customer calls are redirected to Cisco Finesse WebRTC phone and agents answer the calls using Finesse call controls.

What versions of Cisco Finesse are supported?

Any Cisco Finesse version can work with Comstice Webphone. There is no Cisco Finesse or Cisco CUCM version dependency.

How does the rollout work?

Comstice Mobility Server is provided as virtual appliance and hosted close to Cisco UCCX or UCCE Finesse servers. Cisco CUCM and Mobility Server will have a SIP Trunk connection. Cisco Finesse WebRTC Gadget by Comstice will be added into Finesse Desktop Layout.

What are the supported browsers?

Comstice Webphone uses WebRTC standard which is supported by Firefox, Chrome and recent Microsoft Edge browsers.Comstice recommends a recent version of Firefox or Chrome browser.

Do we need Cisco Jabber or Cisco ExpressWay?

There is no dependency for Cisco Jabber or Expressway.

How is Cisco Finesse Webphone gadget licensed?

It is licensed per named agent. Same license can be used for the agents and the supervisors.

Does the solution support High Availability?

Comstice Webphone supports high availability. Multiple servers can be deployed and work as active/active

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