How to Run Cisco Finesse using Chromebook PC

May 18, 2022 in Finesse Webphone
How to Run Cisco Finesse using Chromebook PC

There are three software applications contact center agents need on their PCs; call center agent app, softphone and screen recording software. Comstice can help you to run all those three features inside Cisco Finesse web page without any VPN.

Your Cisco contact center agents can use Chromebook PC and login to Cisco Finesse Webpage from the office network or remotely, using public Internet without any VPN required. Comstice Webphone Gadget for Cisco Finesse runs the audio stream inside Finesse agent page and handles audio communications as well as the agent features. Comstice Screen Recording Gadget for Cisco Finesse helps to record agent screen, including audio for compliance, without installing anything on the Chromebook PC. All the solution elements run on your IT environment, with the full privacy of your network. There is no cloud hosting required. Comstice Webphone and Screen Recorder gadgets support Cisco UCCE, PCCE and UCCX.

Chromebook PC for Cisco Finesse: Benefits

  • ow-cost, low-maintenance devices offered as an alternative to Windows PCs.
  • No information stored locally and no installation allowed for the users.
  • Easy rollout for new starters and temporary agents
  • immediately using the web browser. No Cisco phone required.

    Chromebooks can be used by the remote agents without any VPN required as well as the agents on the local network.

    Cisco Finesse Webphone Gadget

    Cisco Finesse Webphone Gadget: How It Works

    Cisco Finesse Webphone Gadget by Comstice is a WebRTC phone client. It registers to Comstice SIP Proxy as a SIP Phone and Cisco UCCX and UCCE agents can use this third-party device as their phone on the browser. Learn more about how it works, which CODECs are supported and how audio recording will work without built-in bridge.

    You can run Comstice Webphone for Cisco Finesse solution on your network or in the cloud.

    Internal Agents

    Eliminate Cisco softphones and desk phones with Finesse Webphone

    Migrate all the office-based agents into Finesse Webphone, eliminate any Cisco softphone or deskphone.

    With Finesse Webphone, you can roll out a standard PC with no Cisco-specific installation, minimize PC maintenance tickets and eliminate any software upgrades on the agent PCs.

    Remote Agents

    Use standard PC or ChromeBook for the agents, no installation, no VPN required.

    Finesse Webphone is based on WebRTC technology. Using NAT on the external firewall and Web Proxy features, you can have a secure audio communication between the customer and the agent. WebRTC uses HTTPS for signaling and Secure RTP for the audio streams.

    Security and Privacy

    Comstice Webphone uses WebRTC technology which is encrypted throughout. The signaling is done through HTTPS and the audio is through secure RTP.

    Cisco Finesse Agent page is secured using the Web Proxy on the client's network. Finesse server is never directly exposed to the public Internet and all the HTTPS and XMPP commucation is SSL-encrpypted.

    Cisco Finesse Screen Recording Gadget by Comstice

    Cisco Finesse Screen Recording Gadget starts to record the entire agent screen as soon as the agent logs into Cisco Finesse webpage. This helps to record agent screen without installing any software on the agent PC, by only utilising web browser technologies.

    Cisco Finesse Screen Recorder Gadget starts the recording as soon as the agent logs into the Finesse page. Depending on the gadget settings, it can stream the recording to the Comstice Recording server or it can upload the recordings every 15 minutes.

    Screen Recorder offers adjustable resolution options; Low-Res, HD and SD quality. Chrome, Edge and Firefox browsers support the screen recording technology.

    In case of any issues, screen recording gadget will display an error. You can also view and download logs for troubleshooting. Agent can click on "Try Again" button to restart the screen recording.

    If the recording is not streamed but saved as a file, the gadget will show the currently saved file name.


    Comstice Webphone Gadget for Cisco Finesse offers a great opportunity to the organizations to better manage their contact center operations, reduce IT overhead on agent devices and roll out remote agents easily.

    Comstice Screen Recording Gadget for Cisco Finesse helps to record agent screen activity and save the recorded video as a stream or as video files without installing any software on agent's PC.

    Using Comstice technologies for Cisco Finesse, you can use Chromebook PCs for agents, reduce IT overhead and PC costs, easily roll out PCs for new starters as well as office-based agents.

    Comstice is a technology partner with Cisco, Avaya and Amazon Connect. You can get more information about Comstice Webphone Solution from here.