Mobile Call Center Agent Security

November 22, 2019 in Mobile Agent
Mobile Call Center Agent Security

Many businesses are expanding call center features to the rest of the organisation for better customer experience using mobile call center agents.Today, we answer one of the most common questions we get; how security works for mobile call center agents where everything else is hosted on-premise.

What is a Mobile Call Center Agent?

Mobile call center agent uses Comstice Mobile Agent app to login to on-premise call centers such as Cisco Finesse, Avaya AES and Genesys PureConnect using a mobile app and no desktop or laptop PC. Agents can make themselves available, receive customer calls from their GSM phone lines and can manage customer's CRM from Comstice Mobile Agent app. It is used by full-time call center agents as well as by other business stakeholders who are not full-time call center agents but part of the customer journey.

No Mobile VPN

One of the main requirements we get from the businesses is that they prefer not to use mobile VPN. Instead, there is an indirect and secure communication between on-premise call center and the mobile agent apps. Comstice Mobility Server which is hosted in the call center network as a virtual appliance makes all these possible. Comstice Mobility Server will be hosted in the DMZ and mobile apps will only have a direct access to Comstice Mobility Server. It will then securely communicate with the on-premise call center (Avaya, Genesys, Cisco) and will retrieve and pass the response back to the mobile apps.

No Voice over Internet

Many businesses spent a lot of time for the WeRTC-based solutions in mobile, to find out that mobile voice over data call quality is so variant, it is not suitable for the business use. Comstice Mobile Agent calls are sent through traditional PSTN and mobile networks to agent's mobile phone line. Therefore, audio channel is much more secure and reliable in terms of audio quality.

No Special Firewalls

There is no need for a special firewall since we are using traditional NAT/PAT between the mobile apps and Comstice Mobility Server in the DMZ and between on-premise call center servers and Comstice Mobility Server.

Only two ports need to be open on the firewall and there is no direct communication between the mobile apps and the on-premise call center. Comstice Mobility Server is a Linux-based security-hardened virtual appliance which offers maximum security in this scenario.


Many businesses are expanding call center features to the rest of the organisation for better customer experience using mobile call center agent concept. Tech support, medical care, insurance, field sales and support services, public services, call center out of hours access are all made possible by using mobile call center agent solution. It is highly secure and offers customer calls through mobile GSM networks for security as well as better audio quality. Check out Comstice Mobility Solution for more information.

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