Workforce Management

Comstice Workforce Management

On-Premises Solution to Forecast Call Center Traffic, Automate Shift Schedules, Manage Agent Time-Off from Web and Mobile App

Supports any contact center model and service.


Workforce Management Building Blocks

Comstice WFM helps to automate Workforce Management activities and offers easy monitoring and management from the mobile and and web interfaces.

It can automatically calculate the estimated full-time employees using the historical data and creates the schedule based on agent priority, skills and resource demand.

Agents can swap shifts, access their shift details from the mobile app also receive mobile notification before the break starts and ends.


Forecast With Historical Data

Using Weekly Heatmaps and Year on Year Data, Estimate Calls and Average Handle Times

You can use various forecasting options; estimating the call volume and average handle time from the same week, last few years

Blend data from multiple sources and estimate the resource needs for the target week and the 30min intervals of each day in the week.

It is also possible to upload calculated estimates manually, so that shifts can be generated automatically, based on your forecast.

Calculating Full-Time Employee Needs

Comstice Quartz calculates the full-time employee demand for each interval

Comstice Quartz uses the forecast data and the Erlang C formula to estimate the full-time employee count required for each interval in the target dates.

This full-time employee count will then be used to create the shift schedule by blending the information about employee availability and shift preferences.


Comstice Quartz Workforce Management Mobile App

Comstice Quartz Mobile app helps team members to access their performance and shift information, team calendar, request time-off and update their shift preferences.


Shift Schedule

Based on the Employee Availability and Full-Time Employee Needs, New Shift is Generated Automatically

Shift schedule is emailed to every team member and can be accessed from Quartz Web Interface and Comstice Quartz Mobile app.

Team members can influence shift schedule by updating their preferences about the start times, minimum shift duration, whether they are flexible to overtime, whether they would like to start at the same time every day.

Shift Schedule also creates a line chart to show the comparison between the full-time employee scheduled and forecast

Team Calendar

Monitor Employee Availability with Team Calendar

Team meetings, holidays, time-off requests, training and other absence information is updated and accessible in Team Calendar.

Team members can request time-off using Team Calendar. Supervisors can accept or reject and the notification will be sent to the team member.

Approved time-off requests will be visible in the Team Calendar.


Time-Off Requests

Team members request time-off and approved requests will be visible in the Team Calendar.

Team members can update their availability in the team calendar. Calendar will include the time-off requests once approved as well as other activities.

If there is going to be a delay or unplanned absence for a particular shift, team member can enter unplanned time-off. This will be updated in the calendar without any approval required. Unplanned time-off can only be created for the shifts which are less than 24 hours ahead.


Cisco UCCE CUIC Sample Report
  • What is the license model for Comstice Quartz Forecasting and Shift Scheduling?

    Forecasting and Shift Scheduling is licensed based on the number of team members to be scheduled. There is no restriction on number of concurrent users accessing the data. Team members and other business stakeholders can access and view the permitted data.

  • Do I need additional licenses in my contact center to use Comstice Quartz?

    No additional licenses needed.

  • Is Comstice Forecasting and Shift Scheduling Module a Workforce Management solution?

    Quartz covers most of the Workforce Management features except recording.However, in Amazon Connect version, you can access Amazon Connect recordings from Comstice Quartz.

  • How long does it take to set up, test and go live?

    Usually, it takes around 5-10 business days, depending on the size of your contact center.

  • Why should I use Quartz instead of well-known WFM solutions?

    Quartz is more up-to-date with the latest graphical interfaces, dedicated mobile app and other features.

  • Does Quartz Forecasting and Shift Schedule have support for backoffice staff?

    For team members who are not call center agent, Comstice Quartz offers Time Manager feature to record, plan and forecast their work.

  • Is Comstice Quartz a Cloud or On-Premises Solution?

    It is designed as an on-premises solution. However, it can be run as a cloud service.