How to see inside your contact center queue?

April 11, 2016 in Wallboard
How to see inside your contact center queue?

To be able to see each call in contact center queue helps customer service teams to understand and manage the customer contacts better and reduce the wait time. Detailed visibility on Callback Queue also helps optimise callback feature and manage the resources better.

Until recently, it was sufficient to see the total number of calls in queue and oldest call in queue in contact centers, but not anymore. Better visibility on the queue helps businesses to create new ideas for managing their customer services real-time. In addition, callback queue is gaining popularity; using callback queue feature, customers don't have to wait on the phone while retaining their position in queue. Comstice Wallboard offers visibility on those queues for Cisco UCCE/PCCE and UCCX.

There are three main queues we need to monitor and optimise;

Incoming Calls Queue View

Comstice Wallboard can list each call in the incoming call queue. It is also possible to query the calling party number in your CRM platform and present the name and the title of the caller. This detail can also be presented to the agent so that they can greet the caller with their name and the title.

Agent State Details View

It is also important to see agent state and the reason codes when they are in "Not Ready" state. This helps to identify which agents are busy with other tasks and which ones can actually log back in to take new contacts from the queue.

If agent is in Not Ready state, dashboard shows the agent state as RED and displays the reason code. It is also possible to rename the reason codes for clarity, especially for the ones generated by Cisco UCCX or UCCE.

When an agent is in "Talking" state, dashboard also shows which queue the agent received the call from.


It is also possible to monitor all these three queues from Comstice Wallboard Mobile App;


Wallboard is seen as a nice to have feature in customer services. However small changes you can make within your daily operations using wallboards can make an immediate difference on your service levels.

You can download and check Comstice Wallboard Datasheet from here.

Video feature should be easily accessible

Since most of the customers use mobile phones to access customer services these days, video calls can be presented within a customer service app. There are two options here;

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