Comstice Wallboard UCCX Administrator Guide

November 21, 2018 in Wallboard
Comstice Wallboard UCCX Administrator Guide

The article provides details of Comstice Wallboard administrator interface. Using this interface, you can grant access to Wallboard Mobile app users, enable/disable audible alerts for the Wallboard thresholds and more.

Wallboard administrators can login to administrator console from the web link below

            Change the IP address with your wallboard IP or hostname. Default admin account: admin/admin

Profile: Permissions for Mobile App Users

Once logged in, you will be directed to Profile page. Here, you can:

  • Create, update and delete access profiles
  • Add, remove users into existing or new profiles

Each profile allows users to access to the real-time information of the agents and the queues selected. You can select specific options by Cmd+Click on your keyboard.

If you would like to use an existing profile, please select from the dropdown menu. Otherwise, click on Add New and type new Profile Name and CUCM End User (or Active Directory User) username.

In the above example, there are two different profiles and users assigned to each profile. You can add more users by typing their username and clicking on Submit, or remove the existing users by clicking on X icon.

Settings: Audio Alerts

Comstice Wallboard provides audible alerts for the widgets which have thresholds. When the second threshold is hit, the audio file will be played every 10 seconds.
Supported audio format: mp3

SMS Configuration
Comstice Wallboard can send ad-hoc and dynamic SMS notifications via Twilio SMS service. Once you subscribe to this service, you can enter the Twilio account details here;

Please note that the phone number must start with + sign and include country code i.e. +17139293714

CSQ Aliases
Cisco UCCX Contact Service Queue names are often not suitable for Wallboard displays. Here administrators can rename the CSQ names for the Wallboard displays without making any change on Cisco UCCX;

In CSQ aliases, you can leave space between the words and do not need to use hash or underscore.