Managing Repeat Calls in the Call Center

September 22, 2021 in Comstice
Managing Repeat Calls in the Call Center

Up to 30% of the call center calls could be repeat calls in an inbound call center. You can monitor, manage and reduce these calls using Comstice Wallboard and Comstice Quartz Reporting for Cisco, Avaya, and Amazon Connect.

How many calls, how many callers

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It is often overlooked how many unique callers the call center had during the day and what percentage of them have called multiple times. For maximizing first contact resolution, you can monitor the repetitive callers, and drill down to individual call levels and learn more about their customer journey.

Listing the Repeat Calls

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You can list the repeat calls from the same caller and check the queue time, agents handled, call result and disposition, and other key information.

Visualizing Customer Journey of each call

If there are calls that need further analysis, you can check out the visual customer journey map of each call to understand the experience of the caller. If there is an audio recording available, you can listen to the recording from Comstice Quartz Reporting as well.

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Repetitive Call Analysis is one of the many analysis options available in Comstice Wallboard and Quartz Reporting, along with IVR Containment, Customer Patience Index, and Heatmaps. You can also create visual scorecards for your teams, agents, and outbound campaigns and schedule them to receive daily, weekly or monthly as an email weblink.

Comstice solutions are designed to be deployed within days. You can get up and running and automate your call center reports in a short period of time.

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