Avaya Contact Center FAQ

September 30, 2021 in Avaya
Avaya Contact Center FAQ

Avaya is the market leader in the contact center technologies over the last twenty years. In this post, you can find some commonly asked questions about Avaya Contact Center features and functionality. Comstice offers real-time dashboards, agent ticker applications and historical reporting solutions as well as forecasting and shift scheduling modules. Please contact us if you have any questions or business challenges about your contact center services.

What is Avaya CMS?

Comstice Quartz Reporting and Analytics uses Avaya CMS data to help businesses to access large data sets easily and quickly using data visualization. Historical dashboards help contact center managers to analyze their trends and performance for better forecasting. Quartz reporting can also present data from third party platforms as well.

Key benefits of Comstice Wallboard for Avaya CMS

  • Easy to build and share dashboards for multiple sources such as voice , email, chat and third party data
  • Out of the box real-time and historical key performance indicators for Avaya Split Skills, Agent States, Agent Summary, Vector and VDN.
  • Ability to create business rules for notifications through email, SMS, visual and audio alerts
  • Comstice Wallboard mobile app for Avaya contact centers
  • Comstice Desktop Ticker app for Avaya Aura agents
  • Comstice Quartz for Avaya CMS Reporting

  • Helps key stakeholders to access meaningful data easily
  • Automates reporting with scheduled team and agent scorecards using Avaya CMS data
  • Consolidates large data sets in historical dashboards to see the long term data trends and performance
  • Benefits for Business Stakeholders

    Executives: Easy to access visual data using historical dashboards, scorecards through web and Wallboard mobile apps.

    Senior Managers: Automate reports, notifications and alerts, minimize manual work to access performance data easily.

    Team Leaders: Ability to monitor team performance quickly via automated reports, scorecards and real-time and historical dashboards

    Agents: Ability to monitor performance using daily agent scorecards, monitoring real-time activity using Comstice desktop ticker and dashboards, get notified for calls in queue, average handle time limits and AUX times.