Amazon Connect Mobile Softphone Use Cases 2023

April 15, 2023 in Amazon Connect
Amazon Connect Mobile Softphone Use Cases 2023

Amazon Connect Mobile Softphone Use Cases

Amazon Connect Mobile Softphone by Comstice is a mobile application for Amazon Connect cloud telephony service in Appstore and Google Play store (Comstice Mobile Connect). Users can login to Comstice Mobile Connect app using their existing Amazon Connect username and password, connect to your organization's Amazon Connect instance, make and receive VoIP calls on their mobile phones and tablets/IPads and handle customer web chats, WhatsApp, and SMS chats. All the conversations can be recorded and reported for further business opportunities.

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Comstice Mobile Connect App is available at Apple AppStore and Google Play Store .

Here, we listed the common use cases in various industries. Click here to learn more about the features and benefits of the Comstice Mobility solution.

Healthcare Providers

Doctors and nurses often need to communicate with the patients, either directly or as an escalation point in the patient journey. As per the HIPAA requirements, the communication must be secure and any stored patient records must be kept in compliance with HIPAA InfoSec requirements.

Patients would like to communicate with the doctors and nurses directly as well. When the specialists are not available to contact, the call or the chat request can be handled by the other members of the team. Medical staff often need to be on-call as well. Therefore, dynamic routing of contact requests (voice and chat) is critical.

Amazon Connect Mobile Softphone offers full control of mobile communications to healthcare organizations. All mobile communications can be fully recorded. All the recorded audio, chat transcripts, and other files can be stored in the AWS storage spaces controlled by the healthcare provider so that they can ensure full HIPAA compliance. Medical staff can accept calls, SMS chats, web chats, and WhatsApp chats on mobile softphones. They can also make calls to the patients by shielding their mobile numbers with Amazon Connect phone numbers. All the communications will be recorded, reported, and stored by AWS under the AWS account of the healthcare provider. Mobile users can set themselves available/not available and the contact requests will be re-routed as per the business logic applied by the healthcare provider. Finally, medical staff can pin their geo-location so that, the patient calls and chats can be sent to an on-call doctor or a nurse nearest to the patient.

Insurance Networks

Insurance companies partner with many insurance brokers around the country. These are small businesses that do not have any IT Infrastructure integration with the Insurance Provider's communication network. The calls often need to be sent to the nearest insurance broker to the customer for a better experience. There are also other teams such as claim investigation teams and inspection teams. In many cases, these roles are also contractors and freelancers to the insurance company.

Amazon Connect Mobile Softphone helps insurance companies to extend the customer journey to a local insurance partner, claims expert, or valuation specialist. All the mobile calls and chats can be recorded and reported. The insurance company will have full control of the recorded data which will be stored under their AWS account. Mobile users can also receive callback lists on the mobile app dynamically to call back customers for renewals or new business.

Amazon Connect Softphone can be integrated with CRM or other business applications to create a new task, list open tasks, update the contact details of the customer on the phone, and create a new opportunity or update an existing opportunity. Click here to learn about CRM integration scenarios.

Professional Services: Law Firms, Accountancy Firms, Consulting Agencies

Professional services firms require frequent communication with the clients over the phone. At the same time, they often need to focus on cases and set themselves unavailable. Also conversations need to be recorded for compliance and better service history.

Using Amazon Connect Mobile Softphone app, professionals can protect their cell phone numbers, record all the conversations and also set themselves unavailable for calls to go another team member or their service desk.

Retail and Franchise Networks

Retailers and franchisers can pin their rough gel-location. Incoming customer call can be transferred directly to the nearest retail point or franchiser. Customer communications can be recorded and further processed for quality assurance.

Airport Operators and Airlines

Airport operators and airline ground staff are often on the move and only have mobile phones. Using Amazon Connect mobile softphone, they can make and receive calls while on the move. When they are busy, they can set themselves "Unavailable" and Connect contact flows will route the call to an available employee.

Colleges and Universities

College and campus environment is a mobile environment. Eveyrbody is on the move. College staff, academic staff often need to communicate with the students. Using Amazon Connect Mobile Softphone, they can protect their direct number and handle calls and chats through Amazon Connect. All the conversations can be recorded for compliance. They can also set themselves unavailable when they are occupied.

IT Helpdesk, Field Engineers, Technical Support

IT Engineers, field technicians need to visit the users, locations and they can use Amazon Connect Mobile Softphone as their business phone line. They can pin their geo-location, set themselves ready or not ready and protect their cell phone number. When they make a call, their Amazon Connect number will be shown to the other party. If they call back, your company can route those calls dynamically; to the same person if they are available or to the support desk.

Car Manufacturers and Dealership Network

Car dealers often work as a web of sales and service points to efficiently use limited resources for the fastest turnaround. Communicating with the customers in a secure way from multiple channels, while recording and reporting all the conversations is very important to avoid any conflict of interest and better service quality.

Using mobile softphones, dealer networks can have better mobile communications with customers from various channels such as voice, SMS, web chat, and Whatsapp. They can set their availability for dynamic distribution of calls and chats, they can pin their location to get picked as the nearest dealer to the customer, and manage CRM details of each contact and the opportunity.


Better mobile communications between your employees, partners, resellers, and customers will help to speed up your business. Making this communication zero-trust and more secure while recording and reporting every conversation will help to flag up any operational issues quickly and will also help to identify sales opportunities easily. Please Amazon Connect Mobile Softphone product page for more information.