Amazon Connect Reporting and Analytics

Enhanced Analytics and Reporting for Amazon Connect Contact Centers

Single web portal and mobile app for all the contact center features and functionality from reporting to provisioning, agent functions to WFM, Recording and QA

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Drilldown to Month, Day and more

Drilldown feature on the reports and charts help to get to the bottom of the stress point and find out the root cause quickly.


Archive Your Data

Comstice Quartz retrieves and stores your data from AWS Kinesis and AWS S3 bucket for your contact centers for longer data retention, analytics and forecasting.


Better Cost Management

You can easily monitor both agent resource costs and infrastructure costs real-time and manage your budget accordingly.

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Easy Migration to Amazon Connect

Out of the box Amazon Connect and Comstice Stock reports for the effortless data visibility from Day1.

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Migrate your Contact Center to Amazon Connect

Easy Rollout of Omnichannel and AI Features Built on industry best practice, integrates seamlessly with your contact center technology

Better Integration with Third Party Data No additional hardware required. Ability to run in the cloud or on-premise.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership Puts your data in your hands, gives it to you quickly and accurately, with no need for offline data manipulation.

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More Than Just Reporting



Real-time and historical wallboards, dashboards, desktop and mobile apps for better visibility.

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Voice Recording and Speech Analytics

Access to voice recording and automated speech analytics for keyword analysis and conversation assessment.


Mobile-First WFM and QA

Agent-facing app to manage time-off, unplanned absence, shift preferences and access quality assurance results.


Agent and Supervisor Features

Web-based or native desktop app for contact center agent and supervisor features including Amazon Connect softphone, voice monitoring, screen-pop and CRM integration.

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