Customer Service for
Cisco UCCE and UCCX

Better Integration between multiple communication channels

Start a web chat and continue as mobile chat, email and callbacks

  • Web and Mobile Chat
    Cisco Finesse Omnichannel

    Mobile and Web Customer Chat

    Customer web and mobile chat requests can be accepted and handled by the omnichannel agents. Agent can also handle chat, callback and voice/video over data call requests from NoTime Partner app as well.

  • Customer Emails

    Customer email to the specific teams and individuals

    Comstice Omnichannel helps agents to respond to customer emails and monitor the thread easily.

    Cisco Finesse Omnichannel
  • Callback Requests
    Cisco Finesse Omnichannel

    Customer Callback Requests

    Callbacks, similar to mobile chat are non-intrusive channels which can be used by the customers to have a direct contact with subject matter experts. Experts can also handle chat, callback and voice/video over data call requests from NoTime Partner app as well.

  • Universal Queue

    Universal Queue

    Universal queue for the omnichannel helps agents to visualise the pending customer enquiries and handle them quickly and easily.

    Cisco Finesse Omnichannel

Consumer Mobile app for Customer Service

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Omnichannel licenced?

Comstice Omnichannel is licenced per named agent.

What are the specs for Comstice Omnichannel?

Comstice Omnichannel Server runs on a Linux OS as a virtual machine. It requires minimum of 4GB RAM, 10GB HDD and 2xvCPUs.

How does the rollout work?

Once you assign an IP address from your network for the Omnichannel Server, we send you the Omnichannel Virtual Machine as an OVA file (1.8GB). When OVA is downloaded and imported into your VMWAre ESXi or HyperVisor environment, we schedule a webex to finalise the configuration and test the performance.

Is the reporting part of Cisco CUIC?

Comstice Omnichannel has its own reporting platform for better access and visibility of the data.

Do agents need Cisco Finesse licence for Comstice Omnichannel?

Agents do not need Cisco Finesse licence for Comstice Omnichannel.

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