Solving Amazon Connect Citrix Issues

January 3, 2024 in Amazon Connect
Solving Amazon Connect Citrix Issues

Many Amazon Connect users report audio quality and one-way audio issues with Citrix. Comstice Amazon Connect Softphone and Comstice Amazon Connect Salesforce Softphone can help eliminate audio quality and one-way audio issues using Citrix UC SDK.

Citrix Amazon Connect Challenges

Amazon Connect customers reported to Comstice that they are experiencing;

  • audio quality and,
  • one-way audio issues

with Amazon Connect when using Citrix with a web browser. Citrix core platform has challenges handling real-time applications, therefore Citrix is offering new technologies under their Citrix-Ready program called UC SDK.‚Äč

Amazon Connect Citrix Connector

Comstice Amazon Connect Softphone

Citrix has introduced a feature called Multimedia Redirection and UC SDK and it helps to avoid sending real-time traffic through Citrix servers. The real-time traffic will be directly between the Citrix user terminal and the Amazon Connect instance. Comstice client applications support the Multimedia Redirection feature so that Amazon Connect users can have good audio quality and eliminate one-way audio issues.

Agent Version

Comstice Amazon Connect Softphone has Citrix UC SDK Support. Comstice Amazon Connect Softphone is a web client on the browser or a thick client that can run on your Citrix instance. Amazon Connect users can log in, make, and receive calls using this application. Thick client offers additional features such as audio alerts, screen-pop for calls waiting in the queue.

Comstice Amazon Connect Softphone offers;

  • Call Logs with callback and call result code features
  • SIP Support: registering into a SIP network
  • Automatically open the CRM page of the caller on the browser
  • Team Member States
  • External Phone Books and Quick Connects
  • Team Queues, screen pop and audio alert to notify agent for waiting calls
  • Amazon Connect Chat Support
  • Speed Tester with MoS scores
  • Supervisor Console to monitor agents and team queues

Using Comstice Amazon Connect Softphone, the audio communication will be directly between the Citrix terminal user device and the Amazon Connect instance.

Enterprise User Version

Comstice also supports a version for enterprise users; employees who are not call center agents, therefore require a different user experience. This version is more standard suer focused with no queue information or multiple agent states. It helps users to focus on making and receiving calls, using phone books and CRM.


Citrix VDI is a secure way to operate remote working scenarios. Using Citrix UC SDK with multimedia redirection feature, you can have high-quality, reliable real-time audio and video sessions from Citrix VDI user endpoints. Comstice Amazon Connect Softphone and Comstice Webphone can help you achieve secure real-time communications from your Citrix endpoints.

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