Solved Amazon Connect One-Way Audio

January 15, 2021 in Amazon Connect
Solved Amazon Connect One-Way Audio

Amazon Connect offers a browser-based call center agent interface. It is convenient to roll out however lacks many features that call center and standard enterprise user needs. Because it is browser-based, it is also prone to some one-way audio and other issues. In this post, we will talk about how to resolve those challenges.

Comstice offers an Amazon Connect Softphone client with all the missing features covered. Softphone does not require any installation; you can download and run. No admin permissions needed. You can learn more about Comstice Softphone for Amazon Connect by clicking here

Amazon Connect One-Way Audio

Many Amazon Conneect customers reported one-way audio problems on their Amazon Connect agents. It is often caused by audio hijacking, a phenomenon caused by a webpage which is open in another browser tab to start using the audio resources of the web browser. This often causes one-way audio; one of the parties in the call can not hear the other. Comstice Softphone is not dependant on your browser, therefore it eliminates such scenarios.

Ringtone from Speaker

Another challenge Amazon Connect users are experiencing is the audio alerts and ringtones. If the remote agent has her headphone plugged in but not wearing it, she can not hear the ringtones. This causes lots of missed calls and frustration.

Comstice Softphone can resolve that by changing the audio output for the ringtone. You can select the PC speakers for the ringtone and other audio alerts. Comstice Softphone

Screen-Pop and Audio Alerts for Queue Activity

Comstice Softphone also monitors the queue activity and plays an audio file if queue wait time reaches the threshold. It can also do screen-pop for the queue activity, if the softphone is minimised or softphone window is in the background.

Supervisor Features

Amazon Connect Supervisor features can be accessed from Comstice Supervisor Console. Supervisor can monitor agent activity and queue activity using the supervisor console.

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