Mobile Co-Browsing in Your Digital Strategy

November 10, 2015 in Customer Service
Mobile Co-Browsing in Your Digital Strategy

As more businesses move towards digital-only model and mobile internet use accelerates among the consumers, there is a big challenge; your entire business is confined into a 5-inch screen. Co-browsing or remote assistance by navigating together on the web pages is used to educate internet users about web features. As users are moving more towards mobile and tablet endpoints for internet access, co-browsing service is becoming more important that ever for your digital strategy.

The Digital

There is a shift in customer behavior and companies race to put their full focus onto digital. Even very traditional brands move to digital-only business models in major markets. At the same time, more and more consumers use mobile devices to access internet and make instant purchases or access online services. It is hard to imagine Millennials to leave home without their mobile phones. If you can reshape your customer services for this transformation quicker, your business can gain a massive competitive advantage.


We need to reduce the spiraling costs of customer services by changing the customer behavior towards alternative channels such as email, chat and web-based customer experience. However, there are a quite a few problems we need to solve. Online web services are still not used enough to move the whole customer journey towards internet. Also, there is a new segment of internet users who were not able to use PC-based internet but they feel more confident by accessing Internet via IPad or other tablet solutions. But the main change is the fast shift towards mobile internet through smart phones; as the smart phone screen sizes get bigger and mobile internet speed gets faster and more widespread in many parts of the world,mobile internet traffic shows an exponential increase in terms of volume of data and the user count.

Co-browsing can help customers to find their ways in your website so that they can do the online shopping, find the answer for their questions and avoid calling your contact center and use the web-based services instead. Your agents can resize their desktop browsers for the customer screen size so that both parties can see the web pages in the same format.

What should Mobile Co-Browsing aim for?

Main point is to educate the customer so that they will use web pages (mobile or standard) to buy online, solve their problems and find answers to their questions. Ultimately, they will use online services and avoid queuing in service points such as bank branches, high street shops, self-service IVRs or contact centers. The benefits can be as quick as closing a sale by navigating through the shopping pages with the caller or as big as saving 30-50% of the cost reduction in customer services by moving client base to online services. If you are an online-only business, it helps to reach out to the potential customers who are willing to use your services but not sure how to do it. Combined with chat, you can eliminate the other customer collaboration services (such as voice calls) fully and avoid costly operations.

Is this really practical?

Co-browsing is a customer service feature that is "brilliant" in theory but very poor in implementation so far, similar to webchat.

We propose to solve this issue on a mobile app on the customer side; a single, universal and a free app and the cloud service that can help customers to access many contact centers and use not only co-browse and rolling chat features, but also scheduling callbacks, free voice/video calls to the contact centers over Internet, email, tweets and other features such as DoItOnline and FAQ links for each IVR menu option. This will minimize the processing time of customer service inquiries which means less time spent per customer and more efficient customer services. This service will integrate with any contact center technology and will make omni-channel as the main method of customer collaboration while dynamic changes in its visual IVR feature will help businesses to implement the changes much quicker.We hope that, everybody soon will "Collaborate in NoTime".