Comstice Desktop Supervisor for Cisco Finesse

November 29, 2016 in Desktop Agent
Comstice Desktop Supervisor for Cisco Finesse

Comstice Desktop Agent offers exciting features for the supervisors. Same client application provides full visibility and controls for the teams if agent has supervisor credentials. Printable real-time view of agent and the queue stats help supervisors to capture the moment and "Queue Details" section lists all the agents in "Not Ready" state for the particular queue so the supervisor can make them "Ready". Oops!

Better Real-Time Visibility and Controls

Comstice Desktop Agent provides new features for the supervisors both for Cisco UCCE/PCCE and Cisco UCCX. Using this compact desktop client, they can easily view the real-time state of the team and the queues. They can then take actions to manage the resources real-time, using the actions menu available for the supervisors.

Here is a short video of Comstice Desktop Agent;

Team States and Access to Agent Stats

Supervisor can view agent states from Team States section. It is also possible to go to the individual agent level to see the stats of each agent from Comstice Desktop Agent.

Mobile Contact Center

Supervisor is able to;

- make a call to the agent,

- change the agent state,

- start a chat**

- view agent's daily stats*

It is also possible to see the overall team view by right-clicking to Team States icon;

Mobile Contact Center

Team Queues*

Supervisor can also monitor the queues that the team is responsible for. When you scroll down, you can see the list of Not-Ready agents who can take calls for that queue in the same view. Supervisor can make some of these agents ready from the same view;

Mobile Contact Center

Similar to Team Agents, Supervisor can right click and see the full list of queues that their team needs to look after;

Mobile Contact Center

*This feature requires Comstice Wallboard, if Cisco UCCE / PCCE is used.

**This feature requires Comstice Wallboard

If there are any other features required, they can be displayed customisable views of Comstice Wallboard. Here is a short video about how new dashboards can be created;

If you would like to try Comstice Desktop Agent and its supervisor features, please request a trial from