Report Agent Personal Extensions in Cisco UCCE and UCCX

November 2, 2022 in Cisco Reporting
Report Agent Personal Extensions in Cisco UCCE and UCCX

Contact center reports can only cover the Cisco Finesse extension of the agents at Cisco UCCE and UCCX. Comstice can blend Cisco CUCM CDR data with contact center reports and delivers a unified reporting for each agent including personal extensions of the agents.

Comstice Quartz Reporting Solution helps to create not just Cisco reports but a Unified Customer Service Reporting Experience by integrating all the other third-party data as well. You can learn more about Comstice Quartz Reporting for Cisco UCCE/PCCE and Cisco UCCX to find out how Comstice Quartz offers all the missing features for contact center reporting.

Personal Extensions for Cisco Contact Center Agents

Agents often use personal extensions to handle certain business scenarios as well, therefore reporting the activity in the personal line is critical. You can configure the personal extension details of each agent on Comstice Quartz and report the call activity on the agent personal extensions.

Full Name Agent ID Role Team Skills Personal Extensions
Mauricio Sanchez msanchez Supervisor Online Sales Sales, Online Sales Support, Cancellations, Renewals 33471 Add Ext
Tom Thornton tthornton Agent Online Sales Sales, Online Sales Support 33523, 474523 Add Ext
Sonia O'Reilly soreilly Agent Online Sales Online Sales Support, Renewals 33420 Add Ext
Kevin Rama krama Agent Online Sales Online Sales Support, Renewals 33684 Add Ext
Marianna Rosa mrosa Agent Online Sales Online Sales Support, Cancellations, Renewals 33291 Add Ext

Agent Personal Extension Summary Report

Agent Personal Extension Summary Report is one of the many reports Comstice Quartz offers in its repository. It helps you to run, daily, weekly, monthly reports and also add agent personal extension stats into the Agent Performance Reports to create a single, unified reporting experience within Comstice Quartz.

Full Name Agent ID Date Inbound Calls Inbound AHT Outbound Calls Outbound AHT
Mauricio Sanchez msanchez 02/21/2022 4 05:228 12 03:37 List Calls
Tom Thornton tthornton 02/21/2022 21 05:18 3 04:41 List Calls
Sonia O'Reilly soreilly 02/21/2022 16 04:27 6 02:38 List Calls
Kevin Rama krama 02/21/2022 1 05:02 8 03:23 List Calls
Marianna Rosa mrosa 02/21/2022 7 03:48 11 04:11 List Calls

Daily Agent Scorecard By Email

You can design Agent and Team scorecards using out of the box indicators, schedule them to receive as an email weblink daily, weekly and monthly. By integrating personal extension stats and other third-party stats, you can create a unified contact center reporting format for the teams and individual agents.

Scorecards can also include data from third-party platforms so that you can create a unified report which will be generated automatically every day, week and month and the reporting weblink will be sent to the recipients via email.

Scorecards can also be designed for Team reporting. Third-party data can also be added to the reports to create a unified report for customer service stakeholders.


Comstice Quartz Reporting and Analytics platform offers many features to create a unified customer service reports by integrating Cisco datawith other third-party customer service information. You can minimize the time spent on the reports, generate more leads and increase retention on your business. It is quick to deploy and get up and running on your network. You can request an on-site trial for Cisco UCCX, Cisco UCCE/PCCE, Amazon Connect, and Avaya CMS and AACC contact centers and experience it with your own data.