Cisco CUCM and Amazon Connect Integration 2024

May 9, 2024 in Amazon Connect
Cisco CUCM and Amazon Connect Integration 2024

How can we integrate Cisco CUCM (Callmanager) with Amazon Connect? What are the use cases, benefits, limitations, and features? In this post, we will answer all these questions.

For more information and the data sheet, please check out Comstice Amazon Connect SIP Connector solution or request a callback.

Amazon Connect is a cloud telephony service by AWS, marketed as a call center-centric service in the cloud. Integrating Cisco CUCM, Cisco's core enterprise telephony technology with Amazon Connect can offer many use cases and benefits, particularly in AI-Based self service scenarios, remote workers as well as communicating with the partner and franchise networks. Here are some use cases;

  • Cloud-based audio recording using Amazon Connect
  • Using Amazon Connect as a Network IVR
  • Using Amazon Connect for Citrix and VDI users
  • Using Amazon Connect for self-service solutions and conversational AI
  • Using Amazon Connect as a backup call center for emergency situations
  • Replacing Cisco Jabber Mobile with Amazon Connect; Mobile users in Amazon Connect
  • Integrating outsource call center agents into existing Cisco call center environment


  • Best of both worlds: Maximising the benefits of on-premises and cloud for the enterprise telephony with this unique solution
  • No VPN is required for remote users.
  • Built-in audio recording, seamless mobile availability with Do Not Disturb feature
  • More flexible remote working scenarios

How It Works:

Amazon Connect is a WebRTC-Based telephony and call center service. Comstice offers a WebRTC Gateway; a solution that converts SIP to WebRTC and vice versa. Comstice WebRTC Gateway establishes a SIP Trunk with Cisco CUCM to receive calls from Cisco CUCM.

Once the call is received from Cisco CUCM, Comstice WebRTC Gateway converts the SIP call into WebRTC and triggers an Amazon Connect contact flow. The call can be sent to a queue or an agent directly using this contact flow.

Cisco CUCM Amazon Connect Integration Topology

Comstice WebRTC Gateway is a Linux-based VM Appliance. It can be hosted on-premises or in a virtual private cloud

Amazon Connect offers WebRTC Call APIs and Comstice converts the SIP call and sends it to Amazon Connect as WebRTC.

Use Cases:

  • It can be used to migrate the remote working staff to Amazon Connect while they can still communicate with Cisco Callmanager endpoints, make and receive PSTN calls through Cisco CUCM voice trunks.

  • Comstice Mobile Connect Attendant Console Skin Image

    Figure 2: Comstice Mobile Connect app for IOS and Android can register to Cisco CUCM and Amazon Connect at the same time

  • For mobile workers as an alternative to Cisco Jabber and Cisco MRA (Mobile and Remote Access), this solution can offer better features and functionality.
  • For creating a franchise telephony network; Franchise partners, retail sales points can use the IPad/Tablet version of Comstice Softphone app. They can make and receive customer calls as well as enterprise calls. Calls can be routed based on the geo-location of the caller to the nearest franchise point

  • Amaozn Connect natively supports Citrix / VDI networks so your VDI users can communicate via Amazon Connect.
  • As a cloud call center and customer service tasks while keeping Cisco CUCM hosted locally
  • For phased migration of enterprise telephony services from Cisco CUCM to Amazon Connect

What's Next;

Try the solution in your environment. Contact us for more info.