Amazon Connect Wallboard User Guide

May 25, 2023 in Amazon Connect
Amazon Connect Wallboard User Guide

Amazon Connect Wallboard User Guide

Comstice Wallboard for Amazon Connect helps to monitor real-time and daily historical contact center activity and performance for your contact center. It can also send real-time notifications via SMS and e-mail, based on your thresholds. It offers three main interfaces to access the real-time data; web interface, mobile app and desktop ticker app.

  • web interface,
  • mobile app and
  • desktop ticker app.

Box View

Amazon Connect Wallboard Box Views

Comstice Wallboard App is available at Apple AppStore and Google Play Store.

   Scan the barcode to download Comstice Wallboard app

Wallboard Web Login

You can login to Comstice Wallboard web interface using the link provided by your IT team. For Amazon Connect, your IT team can create user accounts or single sign-on can be used, if enabled.

Amazon Connect Wallboard Login Page

Box View

Amazon Connect Wallboard Box Views

Box View is offered out of the box and has commonly used indicators available. You can click on settings icon on each box and filter the data for your business requirements.

Widget View

Widget view is available on the side menu. There are some out of the box templates.You can create your own dashboards for your business.

Amazon Connect Wallboard Templates

When you click on "Widget View" on the side menu, there are some dashboard templates available. You can hover your mouse over each template button and see each layout design; each template includes boxes that you can insert key performance indicators as widgets.

Click on the template button you choose and you will access to the template that you can customize. You can click on each "+" icon and select widgets from the dropdown list.

Amazon Connect Wallboard Dropdown

There is a list of widgets available, for the call center model used. Below are some example dashboards designed using the widgets available. You can choose widgets based on the size of each box.

Click on Sample Amazon Connect Dashboards

Update Widget Settings

Amazon Connect Wallboard Widget Settings

Each widget has its own settings; you can click on the gauge/settings icon on the widget title and filter your data. You can select the agents, splits and vdns of your choice. For the agent widgets, it is recommended to filter based on the skills or agent teams. Whenadd/remove agent from the skills or teams, the widget will be updated automatically.

Updating Thresholds

Some widgets have thresholds that you can set. Once the data hits those thresholds, the widget will change colors to alert the users.

Amazon Connect Wallboard Thresholds

You can click on the widget settings and adjust the thresholds accordingly.

Adjusting Widget Fonts

Amazon Connect Wallboard Fonts

You can click on the widget title and adjust the font size of the title and the content of each widget using the sliders. Top slider is for adjusting the title and the bottom slider is for adjusting the content.

Once you are done, click on the widget title again to hide the sliders. Font adjustment is stored locally on your browser cache. It needs to be set for each PC, since the screen size and the resolutions might be different.

Saving New Dashboard

Amazon Connect Wallboard Save Page

Once you selected all the widgets and updated their settings, you need to save the dashboard. Click on "Save Page" button on the top right corner and the dashboard will be saved.

Saved dashboard will be listed on the side menu as a saved layout. You can also share the weblink of your new dashboard with others.

Editing Saved Dashboard

Amazon Connect Wallboard Edit

There is an order you need to follow to edit the existing dashboard;

  1. Select the saved dashboard from the side menu
  2. Click on "Edit" button on the top right
  3. If you want to replace one of the widgets, click on the "X" on the top left corner of the widget box and remove it. Then select another widget from the list. If you want to only edit the settings of the widget, click on the settings/gauge icon of the widget, then click on "Save" to update your settings.
  4. Finally, click on the Save button at the top left coner of the page.
Amazon Connect Wallboard Save Layout

Sharing Dashboard

There are two types of sharing; You can share the weblink of the saved dashboard with others and they can access to the dashboard without any login. However, they will not be able to make any changes.

Amazon Connect Wallboard Share

You can also "copy" your dashboard to another user's account. On the side menu, click on the "+" icon next to your dashboard. Then enter the username of the wallboard user you want to share the dashboard.

Amazon Connect Wallboard Share

Scrolling Team Messages

Amazon Connect Wallboard Scrolling Message

You can create multiple messages for your team members and display them on the wallboard using "Scrolling Message" widget. On the side menu, select Notification Center and create messages for your team.

Amazon Connect Wallboard Scrolling Message

Each message has;

  • Team Name: This is used to group messages for different teams. You can filter the messages in the widget for selected teams.
  • Expiry Date: After this date, the message will not appear. To show a message only for today, select expiry date as tomorrow.
  • Priority: There are three priority levels 1, 2 and 3. Each will color-code the message.
  • Title: It is not visible on the message. Only used in the message listing
  • Content: This is the actual message. You can type it in any language and alphabet
  • Username: Enter your username to save the message.

Amazon Connect Wallboard Scrolling Message

Admin-Level Settings

There are some settings which are not available for the users. You can request the following settings to be updated by your administrator;

  • Updating Queue Name: You can assign a wallboard-friendly alias for the queue name to make it more readable on the dashboards.
  • Service Level: Amazon Connect does not offer a setting for the Service Levels. You can set service levels for each queue from the admin settings.
  • Short Calls: You can exclude the answered calls by the agents which have a very short talk time suhc as ten seconds or less.
  • Short Calls Abandoned: Similar to short answered calls. you can exclude the calls which are abandoned with a very short queue wait time.
  • Call Result Codes: If you are using any of the Comstice Desktop or mobile softphones, you can set call result codes to each call handled. You can create call result codes from the admin settings.
  • User Profiles: Each wallboard user has a profile which permits which agents and queoes to monitor. You can update user profiles from the admin settings.
Amazon Connect Wallboard Scrolling Message


Comstice Wallboard helps customer service managers and call center agents to monitor real-time activity and get alerted when the thresholds are reached. You can request live training session from your IT for further details.