Amazon Connect Video Calls

June 6, 2021 in Amazon Connect
Amazon Connect Video Calls

Comstice Amazon Connect Softphone offers many features which are not available with Amazon Connect out of the box. One of the features often asked is to be able to make and receive video calls. Using its built-in WebRTC features, Comstice Amazon Connect Softphone can make and receive video calls via SIP and WebRTC.

Comstice Softphone for Amazon Connect offers full-stack agent and supervisor functionality as well as enterprise telephony features on a single app or inside a web page. Using the built-in WebRTC features, Comstice softphone helps to make and receive calls internally between the users as well as external contacts such as customers and the leads.

Comstice Amazon Connect Softphone Diagram

Customers can start a video call using Comstice click and call button from your company website. Your agents can also convert an existing Amazon Connect call to a video call by sending video call link to the caller via SMS and email. Caller can start or join a video call using their desktop or mobile browser, without installing any software or plugins.

Starting a Call: How It Works

Using Click to Call Button on Your Website

You can add a click and call button on your website for customers to initiate a call. An available agent will be set to "Not Routable" state in Amazon Connect and will be presented the video call by Comstice Mobility Server.

Sending Video Weblink via Email or SMS

During an existing Amazon Connect call, agent can send an email or SMS weblink to the customer in order to start a video call. Customer can keep both calls active or terminate Amazon Connect call and continue with the WebRTC video call. All desktop and mobile web browsers support WebRTC standard so that user can have a video call without any software installation.


Video call has many important use cases and Comstice softphone offers Amazon Connect features as well as the missing but popular features such as video calling and agent to agent calling. Check out Comstice Amazon Connect Desktop Softphone and Comstice Amazon Connect Mobile Softphone for more details.