Amazon Connect SIP Connector Ladder Diagrams

July 5, 2024 in Amazon Connect
Amazon Connect SIP Connector Ladder Diagrams

You can use your existing SIP trunk and local phone numbers with Amazon Connect in any country without any number portability required. By using Comstice SIP Connector, you can integrate your existing IP-PBX to Amazon Connect to create AI features and access other AWS services such as speech to text and text to speech and translation services. Ladder diagrams below show the details;

Sending Calls from SIP to Amazon Connect

SIP call arrives either from a SIP Phone registered to IP-PBX or from local PSTN via SIP Trunk. SIP Trunk is terminated at Comstice SBC. The call is then sent to Comstice HGateway, a SIP to WebRTC Converter. Using various steps, Comstice HGateway sends the call to Amazon Connect and triggers an Amazon Connect contact flow. There are two legs of the call; SIP and WebRTC legs.


Transferring Calls from Amazon Connect Back to SIP

Once the call is processed in Amazon Connect, it can be sent back to SIP. Agent or contact flow can send the call to Amazon Connect SIP Queue that you will create. Destination number of the call can be updated on an attribute in the contact flow; agent can enter the destination by updating attribute value manually or by entering the destination number on the SIP quuee contact flow voice prompts.


Comstice HGateway captures the detination information and sends the call to the new SIP destination. Important point here is that Amazon Connect leg of the call will be cleared once the transfer request is received by Comstice HGateway.

Transferring Amazon Connect PSTN Call to SIP

You can also receive calls directly from Amazon Connect PSTN phone numbers and transfer them to SIP. If the incoming call needs to be sent from Amazon Connect to SIP, it will be transferred to Amazon Connect SIP Queue you will create using AWS quick connects and destination number attribute will be updated with the destination SIP number. Comstice HGateway will send the SIP call request to Comstice SBC and SBC will facilitate the SIP leg of the call.


Transferring SIP Call Back to Amazon Connect

Once the SIP leg of the call is complete, the call can be sent back to Amazon Connect. SIP endpoint will transfer the call to another number that is directed to Comstice SBC. That number is for a particular Amazon Connect queue or an agent. You can map phone numbers with Amazon Connect queues and agents on the Comstice HGateway Dialplan Manager. Comstice SBC will send the call to Comstice HGateway which has a Dialplan Manager to match the incoming calls to the agents.


Comstice SBC will send the call to Comstice HGateway which has a Dialplan Manager to match the incoming calls to the agents and the queues. Once the Amazon Connect agent or a queue is identified by Comstice Dialplan Manager, the call will be sent to Amazon Connect and a contact flow will be triggered.

Direct Calls from Amazon Connect Agents to SIP

Amazon Connect agents can also make direct calls to SIP. By default, Amazon Connect CCP window sends outbound calls to Amazon Connect PSTN connection. Therefore, agent needs to use an alternative method to call SIP network. Here are some options;

  • Call using Comstice Webphone Browser extension: Using Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, agent can generate a call to SIP network using Comstice Webphone browser extension.
  • Amazon Connect Workspaces Webphone Widget: Comstice Webphone is also available as a Workspaces widget in Amazon Connect
  • Amazon Connect Agent Portal: Comstice offers an alternative agent portal for Amazon Connect by embedding CCP and other features into Comstice Agent Portal.In this case, agent portal outbound calling feature is intelligent to select which destination for each call.


Comstice Amazon Connect SIP Connector helps on-premises contact centers to access AI features at AWS. It also helps call centers in the countries where there is no Amazon Connect Inbound numbers or number portability of existing phone numbers is not available. They can integrate their local SIP trunks with Amazon Connect using Comstice SIP Connector helps to bring best of both worlds for your SIP network and Call Center and AWS features available pay as you use.