Amazon Connect Pricing Calculator

December 13, 2019 in Amazon Connect
Amazon Connect Pricing Calculator

This page helps you to estimate Amazon Connect Cloud Contact Center pricing and compare against per seat per month cloud contact center services.

Cost Comparison
Amazon Connect vs Pay Monthly Services

Number of Agents

Working Days per Month

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Amazon Connect

Include Comstice Amazon Connect Suite for fully featured contact center experience

Legacy Cloud Call Center

My per seat per month fee includes inbound and outbound telecom and DID costs
  • Amazon Connect

  • Legacy Cloud Call Center

Why Cloud Call Center

High Availability

Cloud call centers are more resilient and offer higher availability than on-premise solutions. Fully-managed and better monitored services will maximise your uptime

More feature rich

Software as a service offers better competition, therefore better service quality. Service providers offer new features much faster to stay in the competition and it is relatively straightforward to swap providers if you prefer.

No capex costs

Cloud call centers mostly offer an opex model. Some offer fixed monthly fee per agent whereas providers such as Amazon Connect offers pay as you use model

Easier to create new features

Cloud call center providers offer APIs so that call center feature and functionality can be integrated into other solutions

Expand Agent Pool Easily

During seasonal peaks, you can expand your contact center easily. Temporary resources can work remotely and login as an agent.

Why Amazon Connect

  • Pay as you use model

    Businesses can have as many agents as they want and will only pay as they start accepting the customer calls. Majority of the cost is paid through the per minute charges in the inbound and outbound calls. This has cost advantages compared to fixed fee services.

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  • Easy integration with other AWS Services

    AWS offers many other services such as database services, notification services speech to text services, sentiment analysis services, AI services for forecasting, Alexa conversational AI services that your business can easily utilize.

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  • Bigger partner ecosystem

    Amazon Connect is more open to third parties such as Comstice to create new features and ideas on its platform. Therefore your business has a better chance to find solutions to optimise your customer experience

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  • Worldwide coverage

    There is a worldwide availability of Amazon Connect, therefore you can roll it out in Americas, EMEA and AsiaPac easily.

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  • Better Data Privacy

    AWS offers virtual private clouds which help your business to retain your data in your network. It will soon start to offer AWS Outpost where you will be able to run AWS services on-premise.

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Why working with Comstice?

Experienced in Multi-vendor Environment

Comstice is experienced in other contact center vendors such as Avaya, Genesys and Cisco. Therefore your migration to Amazon Connect will be seamless.

Comstice Amazon Connect Suite

Comstice Amazon Connect Suite includes reporting and analytics, wallboard, web agent interface and other features which are not available out of the box.

Simplify Migration

Comstice already has a consultative model built for migrating to Amazon Connect and many features you may need are already included in Comstice Amazon Connect Suite. Instead of an open-ended migration, Comstice sets strict timelines and goals to finalise your move to Amazon Connect within days.

Comstice Amazon Connect Suite

Comstice Amazon Connect Suite includes reporting and analytics, wallboard, WFM and web agent interface and other features which are not available out of the box.

Fast go-live with our out-of-the-box feature set. Comstice Suite transforms Amazon Connect into fully-featured contact center service and offers industry best practices for the most efficient call center service.

Maximize the power of your data. Puts your data in your hands, quickly and accurately, with no need for offline data manipulation.

Comstice Quartz Reporting and Analytics

Migration Steps to Amazon Connect

Assessment of your existing setup

Comstice will be able to assess your existing setup with its tools and document it.

House Keeping

Once your existing infrastructure is documented, your business stakeholders can decide what to keep and migrate.

Building Your Contact Flows

Comstice will build your contact flows in Amazon Connect with all the third party integrations

Phased migration

As your contact flows are created, your business units can start migrating to Amazon Connect.

Migrate within days and start reducing your costs