Plantronics and Jabra Headsets with Amazon Connect

October 23, 2021 in Amazon Connect
Plantronics and Jabra Headsets with Amazon Connect

You can use Plantronics and Jabra headsets with Amazon Connect using Amazon Connect softphone by Comstice. Comstice Amazon Connect softphone includes APIs for Plantronics and Jabra so that your agents answer the calls even when they are not at their desks.

Call center agents use specialists headsets from major brands such as Jabra and Plantronics.

Plantronics - Poly Headsets supported by Amazon Connect Softphone;

  • Plantronics - Poly Voyager Headsets
  • Plantronics - Poly Encorepro Headsets
  • Plantronics - Poly Blackwire Headsets

Jabra headsets supported by Amazon Connect Softphone;

  • Jabra Engage Headsets
  • Jabra Evolve Headsets
Is your headset not in the list or from another manufacturer? Contact Comstice and we would be happy to add your model of headsets into our list of supported call center headsets for Amazon Connect.

Make Amazon Connect Production-Ready with Comstice

Amazon Connect offers pay-as-you-use cloud telephony and call center service. It is very configurable, however many key contact center features are not available out of the box. Users can not make a direct VoIP call between each other for example.

Comstice Amazon Connect Softphone which is available as a Webphone, Thick Client and as a Mobile app helps to avoid those issues and also offers missing features in Amazon Connect such as;

  • Easy CRM Integration with no coding
  • Agent to Agent VoIP and Video calls
  • Customer video calls
  • Audio and visual alerts, screen-pop for the calls waiting in the queue
  • Agent Performance Stats
  • Detailed Call History with callback option
  • Team States visibility
  • Team Queues visibility
  • Group Pick Up
  • Phone Book, speed dials and corporate directory
  • Calling any phone number on the web pages via Amazon Connect
  • CRM Screen-pop for the incoming call
  • Name of the Caller in the incoming call

Click here for more information about Comstice Desktop Softphone

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For Amazon Connect Metrics: Comstice Quartz Reporting and Analytics

Amazon Connect does not offer a direct database access and only provides a handful of reporting templates. Using Comstice Quartz Analytics and Reporting, you can capture and store your historical data, use 30+ reporting templates available by Comstice, also forecast resources and run shift schedule in the same platform.

For Amazon Connect Real-Time Analytics and Notifications: Comstice Wallboard

Real-Time Analytics and Notifications in Comstice Wallboard help agents and team leaders to monitor the real-time activity and optimise team performance using web-based configurable wallboard views, mobile app and desktop ticker.

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