How to Use Amazon Connect as a Network IVR

May 9, 2024 in Amazon Connect
How to Use Amazon Connect as a Network IVR

You can use Amazon Connect Cloud Call Center service to handle customer service calls in the cloud, record audio conversations, access ASR/TTS services and create conversational AI / chatbot solutions using AWS Services.

If the call needs to be connected to the live call center agent, you can still send the calls to your existing call center via Comstice WebRTC Gateway to handle the call with a live agent.

Benefits and Use Cases

Here are the benefits of using Amazon Connect as a network IVR;

  • Amazon Connect and other AWS services are pay-as-you-use. There is no high upfront or recurring AWS cost.
  • You can distribute customer call flows among multiple call center locations via Comstice WebRTC Gateway
  • You can record calls in the cloud, use ASR/TTS and conversational AI services in the cloud
  • You can use Amazon Connect as a backup / emergency call center; your agents can login using a web browser and handle calls if on-premises call center becomes out of service
  • Self service IVR flows using conversational AI services can be created for your calling customers.

How It Works

Amazon Connect does not directly support SIP. Comstice WebRTC Gateway helps to convert Amazon Connect calls to SIP and SIP calls to Amazon Connect WebRTC. It runs on a linux-based VM. It can be hosted on-premises or by Comstice.

Comstice WebRTC Gateway has a built-in SIP Session Border Controller which can terminate a SIP trunk from your local IP-PBX. It redirects Amazon Connect calls to SIP network and vice versa.


Many organizations need to handle customer calls using on-premises call centers for regulatory and other reasons. Using Network IVR offers many benefits while still using on-premises call center agents. Click here to learn more about Comstice SIP Connector for Amazon Connect and request callback to discuss your business requirements.