Amazon Connect Kinesis Integration

June 21, 2021 in Amazon Connect
Amazon Connect Kinesis Integration

Amazon Connect is a cloud contact center offering platform as a service features. This document lists the parameters required to to access and retrieve your Amazon Connect Kinesis streams for the real-time and historical contact center agent and call activity.

Amazon Connect Instance Information

Parameter Value
Amazon Connect Instance ID
Ctr Stream Name Default: connectCtrStream
Agent Events Stream Name Default: agentStatesStream
External ID * Default: ComsticeACS
Role ID *
FQDN, SSL key and certificate files **

* External ID and RoleArn only for external Id type connections. Not required for Role Based EC2 type connections

** For HTTPS connections to Comstice Server

Creating Kinesis Streams

  1. Enter to the Amazon Connect of the Amazon Console
  2. Click to the menu item “Data Streaming” → Check “Enable data streaming”
  3. For “Contact Trace Records”; choose Kinesis Stream.
  4. Create Kinesis Stream → Data Streams → Create Data Stream
  5. Create two streams; one for Contact Trace Records (connectCtrStream), other one for Agent Events (agentStatesStream)
  6. After creating streams, select and match them on Amazon Connect’s Data Streaming menu (You may refresh the page if needed)
  7. Save

Create External ID or Role Based EC2 Access

Creating External ID

This is NOT necessary for the “Role Based EC2 instances”

  1. In IAM; "Create role"
  2. Choose “Another AWS Account”
  3. Type Account ID (of Comstice) : 006194235546
  4. Check “Require external ID”
  5. Put a value as “ComsticeACS” (or whatever you feel better but inform us)
  6. Do not check “Require MFA”
  7. Click “Next: Permissions”
  8. Attach these policies:
    • AmazonConnectReadOnlyAccess
    • AmazonKinesisReadOnlyAccess
  9. Click “Next: Tags”
  10. Click “Next: Review”
  11. Type a name for Role name (That is for you, not important for Comstice)
    • RoleArn:...
    • ExternalID: ComsticeACS

Role Based EC2 Access

Give these two policies to your EC2 instance:

  • AmazonConnectReadOnlyAccess
  • AmazonKinesisReadOnlyAccess

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