Web Click-to-Call

Convert more customers from your website and marketing emails

On-Premises Solution for Cisco, Avaya and any SIP-Based Contact Center

Customers can call your customer service from product pages, marketing emails and escalate web chat to your call center with full metadata.

Supports desktop and mobile browsers. No installation required.

Cisco UCCX Wallboard

Customer Web Click to Call Experience

Accept customer calls from product pages and marketing emails using any desktop or mobile browser.

Customer Service Web Click-to-Call

Select Subject from Dropdown

Eliminate IVR menus and select the subject of your call from the dropdown

Customer Service Web Click-to-Call

Avoid Bots using Recaptcha

Verify that the web session has started by a real user.

Customer Service Web Click-to-Call

Check Internet Speed for Audio

Test Internet speed for a better audio call quality.

Customer Service Web Click-to-Call

Test Audio Settings

Verify that web browser can use your audio input and output.

Web Click-To-Call Benefits

Inbound Selling

Web calling from product pages and marketing emails. Customer screen-sharing for the sales support.

Customer Feedback Scores

Higher post-call survey responses and comments box for detailed customer feedback.

Higher Conversion

Web calling after gathering customer contact info with user registration

Better Call to Action

Web Callback from product pages, marketing emails and SMS text messages.

Customer Service Web Click to Call

Active Call Window

Web flexibility on a Customer Service Call

Customer Screen-Sharing: Customer can share her screen for online sales support or technical help.

Video Calling: Customer can convert the audio call into a video call with the agent.

Webchat on the Call: Agent and the customer can share chat messages while on an active call.

Post-Call Surveys

Receive more feedback and detailed response and improve customer experience and eliminate similar calls in the future.

Customer Service Post-Call Survey

More Post-Call Feedback

Increase the post-call customer feedback numbers with web calls.

Customer Service Post-Call Survey

Respond to Low Scores Quickly

Call back the unhappy customers and get detailed feedback.

Customer Service Post-Call Survey

Reduce Customer Service Calls

Using detailed post-call feedback, improve your online experience and reduce customer calls.

Web Click-to-Call Features

No installation required

No software or plugins need to be installed on calling customer's desktop or mobile browser.

Customer Screen-Sharing

Customers can share their screen or just the web browser for online sales support or technical help.

Video Support

New call can start as a video call or active call can be converted to video call.

On-Premises Solution

Web Click-to-Call solution can be run on-premises or in the cloud with the full privacy and security.

Technical Architecture

Comstice Web Click-to-Call solution can be run on-premises or in your own cloud. Comstice WebRTC Gateway converts web audio sessions to SIP calls and routes them to your contact center.

Thanks to the WebRTC technology offered by the web browsers, audio conversations are encrypted using secure RTP and signaling is based on HTTPS.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Customer starts a wen call and Comstice converts it into a SIP call using Comstice WebRTC Gateway.

Which web browsers are supported?

Any modern browser on the desktop and the mobile devices can be used without installing anything extra.

How does the rollout work?

Comstice provides virtual servers running Comstice WebRTC Gateway. It will establish a SIP trunk connection with your IP-PBX or call center. WebRTC sessions from your product pages and marketing emails will be terminated at Comstice WebRTC Gateway and will be converted to SIP.

Do we need any specialist firewall?

No specialist firewall needed. NAT/PAT will be used.

How is Comstice Web Click-to-Call licensed?

It is licensed based on the number of concurrent sessions (channels) you would like to have.

Does the solution support High Availability?

Comstice Web Click-to-Call supports high availability. Multiple servers can be deployed and work as active/active in 1:1 redundancy.

How does audio recording work?

Audio recording will be exactly the same as before.

Any changes on the agent experience?

For audio calls only, you don't need any changes on the agent experience or retraining. For video calls and the calls blended with webchat, agents may need additional training.