Quartz Analytics and Reporting

Enhanced Analytics and Reporting for Contact Centers

More accessible contact center reports with a large repository, agent-level access, resource forecasting, mobile app and historical dashboards

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Quartz Web Portal

Configurable portal page for the agents and business stakeholders for easy access to popular stats, teamchat and other tools.

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Comstice Stock Reports

A large repository of chart and table-based reports based on customer feedback and best practices over the years.

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Report Designer

Easy to create reports containing tables and charts with a better visibility of the peaks and shortages.

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Resource Forecasting

Predicting the call volumes, handle times and resource requirements for every hour using AI-based prediction algorithms

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Perfect for Contact Center Efficiency

Business stakeholders need to access the relevant data quicker to make the right decisions. Forecasting features also help achieve higher agent occupation while reaching the target service levels.

Design Reports Faster

Flexible reporting tools and Comstice Stock Reports helps team leaders to create the reporting content including the visual reports.

Easy Access to Meaningful Data

Quartz Web Portal helps any user including the agents to access the relevant content easily.

Better Resource Planning

Resource forecasting and shift scheduler integration enables higher agent occupation while reaching the service level targets

Making data accessible for the business stakeholders in a visual format helps information to be shared easily and evaluated quickly. Quartz aims to eliminate the data processing efforts and presents the data in various forms using its stock reports.

Visual Trend Analysis

Past data such as year on year and seasonal trends help teams to forecast the call volumes and average handle times. Visual trend analysis can combine year on year change factor and adapt this into the seasonal trends to estimate the resources with better accuracy.

Better Resource Planning

Quartz forecasting toolkit helps to maximise agent occupancy while helping to achieve the service level targets. Service level heatmaps in the stock reports show any hour in a particular day of the week which has resource shortages or lower agent occupancy rate. Balancing those two key indicators will be much easier using Quartz resource management features.

Easy to Create Table and Visual Reports


Agent Level Access to the Reports

Access to personal historical reports, shift scheduler, agent web portal along with the team averages and rankings.

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Quartz Mobile App (Coming Soon)

Access to agent and team historical data, resource requirements, shift schedules and other utilities through the mobile app.


Shift Scheduler

Managing the resources for the skills at every shift with the visual resource planning and management tool.


Historical Dashboards

Visualising historical data using the pre-populated widgets to see the long-term trend, peaks and shortages visually.

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