Cisco CUCM Mobile App

Mobile Second Line for Business

Help employees to make and receive customer calls using their office direct line as SIM-less mobile second line with SMS Text, CRM screen-pop and mobile presence features

Mobile device always receives a call even when dialing out. Calls delivered via mobile line for guaranteed audio quality.

Comstice Mobile Enterprise

Mobilize Your Organisation Around Customer

Comstice Enterprise app helps to have a secure mobile business communications, making employees and partners more accessible for the customers.

No VPN, no special firewall required.

Cisco Finesse Mobile App

Why Mobile Second Line for Business

Office Direct Number On Mobile

Without handing out business mobiles to everyone, businesses can help employees to use personal phone to communicate with the customers without disclosing personal mobile number, even when making a call.

Protect Customer Data

Businesses can protect customer contact details and employee privacy. Employees can call the customers with their name only via mobile without seeing customer's phone number. Customers can call back the employee through their mobile enterprise number.

Automated Mobile Presence

Employees set themselves available and only then they will receive incoming calls. Team leaders can set working hours and Comstice Mobile Enterprise solution can oute the calls dynamically to an associate or an alternate destination.

Calls from CRM page

Employee can generate a call to the customer from CRM contacts call button. Comstice Enterprise will call the customer and the employee, then merge calls.

Features Cisco Jabber App with Extend and Connect Comstice Mobile Enterprise App
Receiving office DID calls from Mobile Line Yes Yes
Call Recording for Compliance Yes Yes
Making Calls from Mobile using Office DID No Yes
Block Callers (Robocalls, Sales Calls etc.) No Yes
Caller's Number and Name Instant Match No Yes
Outbound Calling by Name (without disclosing contact's phone number) No Yes
Transfer Outbound Calls to Internal Number No Yes
Conference Outbound Calls with Internal Numbers No Yes
Daily/Weekly Callback Lists No Yes
CRM Integration: Make calls from CRM by name No Yes
CRM screen-pop for incoming caller No Yes
Automated Mobile Presence No Yes
SMS Text to and from DID (where available) No Yes
Works WITHOUT Cisco Expressway Firewall No Yes
Company Logo and colors on the app login and menu pages No Yes


From high churn sales teams to compliance, many industries can benefit from Comstice Mobile Enterprise solution.

Real Estate

In real-estate, there is a high churn within sales teams and protecting customer phone number is very critical for the businesses.


Medical staff and on-call teams can receive patient calls and call them back without disclosing mobile numbers. Calls can be recorded for compliance.


Insurance brokers, experts and partners can dynamically receive customer calls and call the customers by name from CRM contacts.


Customers need to interact with various roles in hospitality. Mobile enterprise can help customer to dynamically reach out the the right person on duty.

Field Sales

Sales executives can calls the customers through CRM contacts without disclosing the phone number of the prospect.


Businesses can dynamically send the customer call to the relevant person on duty without disclosing the personal details of either side.


Call Recording

All mobile business calls can be recorded for quality assurance and compliance.This helps employees to archive the customer conversations and also helps sales leadership to optimise customer sales pitch.

Business SMS Text

If SMS Text supported DIDs are used, Comstice Enterprise helps employees to exchange SMS text messages with the customers using the same enterprise phone number.

Mobile Calls by Name

Customer phone numbers are protected and employees can call the customer by using their name without seeing customer's number. Customers can also call back and reach out the employee without disclosing employee's mobile number.

CRM Integration

Employees can call the customers from CRM contacts without disclosing customer's number. CRM page can pop-up on the mobile app for the employee when they receive a call from CRM contact. Any mobile-web friendly CRM platform supported.

Call Blocking

Users can block certain phone numbers and anonymous callers in order to prevent cold callers and these callers will be blocked before ringing the mobile number. This blacklisting can also be company-wide.

Callback Lists and Phone Books

Insider Sales teams can create a callback list for each employee and they can call the contacts without seeing the phone numbers. Enterprise phone books can be integrated into Mobile Enterprise app.

Cisco Finesse Mobile App

Employee Calling Customer

Employee calls the customer using enterprise app from CRM contacts, callback list or enterprise phone book by searching the customer name.

Mobile Enterprise service calls back the employee from her mobile line, calls the customer at the same time and merges both calls.

Customer Calling Employee

Customer calls the number provided for the employee and Mobile Enterprise redirects the call to employee's mobile phone line if she is available.

Customer's CRM page can be displayed automatically as soon as the call arrives. Employee sees an incoming mobile call from Mobile Enterprise pilot number along with customer's CRM contact and name as mobile push notification.

Cisco Finesse Mobile App
  • No need for Mobile VPN

    Mobile Presence to avoid disruption

    Cisco Finesse Mobile App

    Access to customer CRM data through built-in web browser

    Mobile Enterprise Salesforce app to run inside Salesforce mobile app

  • Call or SMS chat with the contacts by name.

    Cisco Finesse Mobile App

    Access CRM page of the contact

  • Add caller as a new contact into CRM.

    Cisco Finesse Mobile App

    Block disruptive callers and robocalls.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this actually work?

Comstice Enterprise app is a Cisco CUCM Mobile app utilising Cisco CUCM features for mobile second line for business. Cisco CUCM v9.0 or higher supported.

Can we run this solution in our own network?

Yes. This is an on-premise solution for Cisco CUCM customers. If you do not use Cisco telephony, please contact us and we can provide alternative solutions.

How is this priced?

The solution is priced as per seat per annum for the named users.

Which CRM platforms do you support?

Any web-based CRM platform can be used. Comstice also offers Salesforce app to run the enterprise app from Salesforce mobile app.

Is there any VoIP? Are the calls going through Internet?

No. All the calls are through traditional telephony and cell networks for security and guaranteed call quality.

Do you support Windows Mobile Phones?

No. Currently we only support Apple IOS and Google Android devices.

How does SMS Chat work?

If customer sends SMS chat to employee's enterprise number, this can be retrieved from enterprise app and responded without seeing customer's phone number.

Which countries do you support?

We are country-independent. You can use this solution in any direct number. SMS Chat features may vary per country.

How can you make or receive a mobile call without seeing the number?

Employee never makes a mobile call; in both scenarios, user receives a call from Cisco CUCM with the customer on the other end of the line.

Does this app have IPad/Tablet support?

Yes. You can run the app from IPad or an Android tablet. In that case, you need to use a separate mobile or third party phone.

Can I try the app without any license or server?

This solution requires Comstice Mobility Server in your network. Please contact us so we can arrange a trial or a demo.

How do you do CRM screen-pop in the mobile incoming call?

Using the calling number, we query the web-based CRM solutions customers may use and display the caller's CRM page on the built-in web browser.