On-premise solution for real-time decisions for the best interest

Proactively determine and present the best way to move forward to call center agents for the calling customer. Maximise first contact resolutions, increase upselling and renewals.

Cisco UCCE Reporting CUIC Alternative

Decision Tree: Multiple Criteria from Different Data Sources

Business stakeholders and team leaders can create and update the decision tree using the visual interface. They can add multiple criteria from various data sources such as CRM, billing, ticketing platforms as well as any database, csv file, API or a similar dataset.

Decision Steps

Each decision step includes one or more decision rules from different data sources. These rules can be AND or OR logical operators.

Why Best Next Action

Action for the Best Interest

Present the best option for the customer and the business to have a win-win decision to move forward

Higher First Contact Resolution

Automate the decisions for the most accurate action given the real-time circumstances

Minimise Call Handle Time

Eliminate the data gathering steps for the agent and apply the proposed action quickly

Real-Time Customer Journeys

Best Next Action modules are often blended with Customer Journey Maps. Customer journey of the active call can be presented to the agent real-time for better customer sentiment and higher resolution rate as well as the past engagements from various channels.

Blend with Customer Journey Maps

You can blend Best Next Actions with Customer Journey Maps. Customer Journey Maps help you to understand the steps customer has taken and manage the sentiment, while best next action saves time by automatically deciding the next steps best suits to the customer.

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