Comstice Supervisor App

Based on Finesse for Cisco UCCE and UCCX

Agent and supervisor functions on the same app.
Manage your queues and teams while monitoring your agent and call stats.

Comstice Finesse Supervisor App Cisco Finesse
Cisco Finesse Mobile App Cisco UCCE UCCX

Manage Agent States

Supervisor app helps managers to monitor agent states and durations for the selected group of agents. They can also tap on each agent and access detailed daily stats, change agent states or log them out.

Create Alerts

Supervisors an create alerts for their teams and alerts can be monitored from the wallboard screens. Alerts can be in three severity levels; Caution, Warning and Info. Each severity level is color-coded as red, amber and green accordingly.

Alerts can also be retrieved via Comstice Wallboard apps and Comstice Mobile Agent apps as push notifications on the mobile device. This helps agents to be notified even when they are not able to see the wallboards.

Cisco Finesse Mobile App Cisco UCCE UCCX
Cisco Finesse Mobile App Cisco UCCE UCCX

Work as Agent

Comstice Supervisor app also have full agent functionality so that supervisor can go to ready state and receive calls from their mobile device.

For Cisco UCCE Comstice Supervisor app works as a "Mobile Agent" in call-by-call mode, whereas for Cisco UCCX, it is a standard agent with built-in SIP softphone.

Manage your queues

Supervisor app users can select individual queues or can group the queues together. Similar to Comstice Wallboard App dashboard view, Supervisor stats show daily historical and real-time data. You can see the hourly figures on the daily charts by tapping onto specific hour.

Cisco Finesse Mobile App Cisco UCCE UCCX
Cisco Finesse Mobile App Cisco UCCE UCCX

Reason Codes

Managers can add, modify and delete reason codes using the Supervisor app. They can access "Not Ready", "Log Out" and "Wrap up" reason codes via the app and quickly make the changes required for business.



Cisco UCCE or UCCX

Comstice Mobile Supervisor App is part of Cisco Unified Contact Center Solution. Therefore you need to have Cisco UCCE, UCCX Packed CCE or a cloud-based hosted Cisco UCC platform. Comstice Mobile Agent App communicates with Cisco Finesse.


Comstice Wallboard and Alerts Server

Comstice Wallboard and Alerts Server creates a detailed real-time and daily historical data for the agents and the queues (CallTypes or CSQs). This information can be accessed by Supervisor App as well as Comstice Wallboard App which is free to download and use. So, while your team managers use Comstice Supervisor app, your agents can use Comstice Wallboard App to access real-time and daily historical data as well as alerts via push notifications.



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