We Love Collaboration

Comstice creates amazing ideas
for your Customer Collaboration environment

Enterprise-Level Applications

We know that your business is complex, growing fast and requires continuity. Our solutions are reliable, have high availability and are designed for business use.

Mobility First

Maximum collaboration with your employees, customers and partners can only be achieved by having seamless mobility in your enterprise infrastructure. We design our products with mobility as our top priority

Design is Key

Tools that are easy to learn are more likely to be used frequently and efficiently. Simplicity and beautiful looks are equally important as reliability and functionality



To achieve real change, we have to expand boundaries.
At Comstice we constantly explore new ideas.
Admittedly, the best ones usually come from our customers.


Contact Center Delivery

We provide design, deployment and development services for Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX) and Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE)/Customer Voice Portal (CVP) solutions. We assess, design, deploy and manage these solutions for your business.


Business requirements change so does your contact center logic. We help you to develop the new scripts efficiently for your UCCE and UCCX environment and manage the existing scripts. We are always tidy and well-documented.

Managed Services

Any product or service we deliver comes with the option of Comstice Managed Services. We help you to achieve your SLAs by proactively monitoring and assessing your growing business.

Business Intelligence

Sometimes your business is more complicated than standard approach or out-of-the-box reporting templates. When that is the case, we help you to create your custom reports, and more visual reporting so everybody can understand what is going on in your business.

Capacity Stress Testing

When you think that your contact center and IVR infrastructure is reaching to its limits, we are here to help. We can simulate traffic, agent availability and test your limits.

Proof of Concept

Sometimes you need to have the look, touch and feel of a new technology or a service before rolling out for 200.000 users around the world. We create a proof of concept suite and customize it for your business needs so you can see whether it is solving your problem.


At Comstice, we specialize in building world class enterprise technology solutions. We create ideas to complement Cisco technologies and have expertise in other leading technologies and concepts. Our customers are organizations of any size with specific requirements for their business that haven’t been addressed by the major vendors and those who want to achieve seamless mobility in their business. We provide enterprise level service quality on our commitments, from problem description to the management of the solution after the delivery.

With offices in the US and the UK, we are able to work with customers all across the world in their own time zones. We are located at the heart of the changing global technology market. As a result, we invest heavily in new technologies and contribute to open source projects and technology experiments. If you’d like a no obligation chat about how we can help your business, contact us today!


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