Comstice Mobile Agent App

Cisco Unified Contact Center Agent app
based on Cisco Finesse

Turn your mobile workforce into Contact Center Agents for faster response to customer enquiries, better resource management and location-based services.

Cisco Finesse Agent Mobile, Cisco Finesse Mobile, Cisco Remote Agent

Cisco Finesse Agent Mobile, Cisco Finesse Mobile, Cisco Remote Agent
Cisco Finesse Agent Mobile, Cisco Finesse Mobile, Cisco Remote Agent

Client-Only Solution

Comstice Mobile Agent app works as a Cisco Finesse Client, agent functionality is done via the cellular data network and customer call is delivered as an actual Cellular call.

Agent App communicates with Cisco Finesse Server via http/https. You can either use NAT/Cisco ExpressWay or Mobile VPN solutions such as Cisco AnyConnect, Pulse and Open VPN.

More than a Mobile Agent App

Comstice Agent app comes with real-time charts for agents to see the current stats. It also has access to Comstice Wallboard alerts so that supervisors can create notifications for the mobile workforce.

Map feature is part of the Comstice Location-Based Call Routing service. It routes the call to the nearest mobile agent based on the location information that caller provides.

Barcode reader and signature pad in the Mobile App can read the barcode data and push it to a server along with some information that agent enters, such as customer name and description.

Cisco Finesse Agent Mobile, Cisco Finesse Mobile, Cisco Remote Agent
Cisco Finesse Agent Mobile, Cisco Finesse Mobile, Cisco Remote Agent

Access to Backoffice Applications

Comstice Mobile Agent app provides web-based access to the backoffice applications so that agents can access and update customer data.

Built-in browser's weblink can be updated using the company code provided for each team within your organisation, so that agents can access backoffice applications without leaving the app.

Comstice Mobile Agent app can easily be used in network or power failure situations, therefore a great way of increasing the high availability within your contact center.

Monitor Agent State and Location

Comstice Mobile Agent App can update user's location with Comstice Location Server in your premises or in your cloud, so that the calls can be routed to the agent nearest to the customer for direct collaboration.

Location updates are sent every 10 seconds when the agent is in Ready state. In all other states, the location is updated by the app every 90 seconds. These values can be adjusted if needed.

Location update feature can be enabled or disabled via the company code provided to each team in your organisation.

Cisco Finesse Agent Mobile, Cisco Finesse Mobile, Cisco Remote Agent


On-call, on the move staff

Comstice Mobile Agent helps to extend customer service beyond call centers. On-call nurses, mobile salesforce, remote support personnel who are not necessarily contact center agents can easily receive calls from incoming queue. They can also access customer data, receive signatures using app's signature pad for confirmation and also scan barcodes. The data collected will be linked to the call and the customer through an API call to your company's CRM Servers.On-call nurses, repair technicians, sales agents can use Comstice Mobile Agent App. Combined with Comstice Location-Based Call routing feature, you can send the call to the mobile agent who is closest to the incident or the caller.

Remote, Home-Based Agents

Your home-based agents probably already have their desktop or laptop computers available for agent functionality. However, in practice they are not sitting and staring at their computer screen all the time. Mobile Agent App helps them to retrieve the calls through their cell number while being able to see all call details through Comstice Mobile Agent App. So the chanceses of missing a call is minimal.

In-store staff

You can send the calls to the staff who are available on the mobile phone but don't have immediate access to the PC, since they are on the move inside the store or campus. These people are not part of the call center, but the callers would like to access them directly. They can include facilities managers, security managers or mobile IT support personnel.

High Availability in Call Centers

Mobile Agent App helps to be able to seamlessly work on your existing call centers even when there is an outage. Contact Center servers are generally hosted in data centers or in the cloud. In case of a network outage, your desktop agents can use their cell phones and login as an agent and start taking calls. They can also retrieve and update customer data through the built-in browser that is directed to your CRM platform in the cloud.

The Comstice Contact Center Agent Solution shows the number of the incoming call and data about the caller
The Comstice Contact Center Agent Solution during a call
The Comstice Contact Center Agent Solution shows admin menu options after a call



Cisco UCCE or PCCE

Comstice Mobile Agent App is part of Cisco Unified Contact Center Solution. Therefore you need to have Cisco UCCE, Packaged CCE or a cloud-based hosted Cisco UCC platform. Comstice Mobile Agent App communicates with Cisco Finesse Server directly, therefore no additional servers required specifically for Mobile Agent app.


Cisco UCCX

Cisco UCCX utilises Cisco Extend and Connect feature and delivers customer calls to Comstice Mobile Agent's cell number. No Voip used. For more information, please check out Cisco UCCX Configuration Guide for Comstice Mobile Agent app.



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