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Comstice Wallboard enables you to monitor your contact center activity and performance in real-time.

On your Desktop, Phone and Watch.

(Supports Cisco UCCX and UCCE)

Cisco UCCX Wallboard

Cisco UCCX Wallboard

Free Mobile App

Comstice Wallboard Mobile app enables authenticated

users outside your network to access your real-time data.

You can also download and run the free app in demo

mode to see how it works.

Cisco UCCX Wallboard Cisco UCCX Wallboard

Cisco UCCX Wallboard
Cisco UCCX Wallboard

Access to Single or Group of Queues

The app allows you to select one or more queues

and displays individual or cumulative data.

It also provides the data about the call volumes

for that day as a barchart. Received, handled,

abandoned and dequeued call volumes

can be seen in hourly barcharts.

Agent States for each Team

Comstice Wallboard app provides a view

of the current agent states and the durations

on that state for each team.

Cisco UCCX Wallboard

Your Wallboard data on Apple Watch

Cisco UCCX Wallboard

Updates on Your Watch

Smartwatch extension of Comstice

Wallboard app enables you to manage

your resources by providing full visibility

of the real-time acivity on the watch.

Get Alerts

Depending on the model of your watch,

you can get audio, screen and vibration

alert if any of the threshold values are


Colored Warnings

If certain thresholds are reached, the color

change on the screen will alert you about

the calls waiting or agent availability.

Wallboard Browser

Comstice Wallboard browser interface provides various views for displaying real-time and

daily contact center data on desktop, mobile and tablet.

Cisco UCCX Wallboard

Wallboard Views

Comstice Wallboard provides three different wallboard views that display real-time and daily historical data

on various forms including charts. You can select individual elements and display them per CSQ, group of CSQs or

all CSQs. Users can also display the agent state information for each team.

Cisco UCCX Wallboard

Team View

Comstice Wallboard views are customizable so that you can drag and drop widgets and create your own views.

Cisco UCCX Wallboard

Your Team Details

Cisco UCCX Wallboard


Cisco UCCX Wallboard

Wallboard Monitors

We provide a complete solution with the Wallboard monitors and

wall-mounted miniServer. The wallboard application we design

for you will be tested and optimized for the monitor size you choose.

Wallboard Server on a Stick

Comstice supports Intel Compute PC stick with built-in Wifi,

enables a quick and easy installation to the back of the monitor.

It is also possible to run the application on a physical or a VMWare

server hosted in your data center.

An Intel NUC miniserver provides individual wallboards



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