Your IVR menu options in an app Comstice Customer Connect App based on Cisco Jabber Guest

Customer Collaboration Simplified

Customer Connect App
for calling contact centers

Eliminate menu options, reduce queue times and
encourage alternative collaboration channels.

Free calls to Contact Centers

Calls using Customer Connect app is via data networks, which eliminates charges for 0800 numbers from mobile networks.

Eliminate Long Menu Options

Caller can easily navigate through options and call the specific team directly. This reduces call duration and helps callers to find the right service quicker.

FAQ and Do It Online

Once the call is created to the specific team, in case it is queued, FAQ and Do It Online options are presented to the caller as alternative channels.

No need to wait
in queue

Caller can also schedule a callback, send direct email to the specific team or start a mobile chat with the team.

Cisco Jabber Guest Comstice Customer Connect App

Your brand, your service, your app

Comstice works with your marketing and customer services teams and creates a customer collaboration app unique to your business.

Our cloud-based app management platform enables customer services managers to update their navigation tree in the app. These settings are checked and updated automatically every time the app goes active on user's phone with no need for a manual upgrade.

Your IVR menu options in an app

Your IVR menu options, submenus and eventually the destination teams are presented to the user in customer connect app.

Your navigation tree can be modified by your customer service teams and will be updated automatically each time the app is brought forward in the smart phone, with no need for a manual upgrade.

Cisco Jabber Guest Comstice Customer Connect App

Cisco Jabber Guest Comstice Customer Connect App

Multichannel Featues

Comstice Customer Connect app enables audio and video calling to the agent team that user would like to access.

While waiting in the queue, user is also presented multichannel options such as email or mobile chat with that specific team, frequently asked questions to that team and link to do the same task online in "Do It Online" button.

It is also possible to present a banner ad image as a still image or as an animated gif. It can again be updated automtically by contact center managers.

This is a great opportunity to upsell to your customer base.

Schedule a Callback

Users don't have to make a call, they can schedule a callback either while waiting in the queue or even before generating a call.

Your customer callback team will return back to the customer within the timeframe they requested. This will eliminate long waiting times in the queue for the end customer and will help you to plan your resources better.

Cisco Jabber Guest Comstice Customer Connect App



Cisco Jabber Guest Server and CUCM

Comstice Customer Connect App communicates with Cisco Jabber Guest Server and provides audio and video calling features. Therefore it requires Cisco Jabber Guest Server and Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM)


Any Contact Center Technology

Comstice Customer Connect app generates a voice over data call which will be presented in a contact center environment. Therefore any contact center technology can be used and integrated into Cisco Jabber Guest Server via Cisco CUCM using either SIP or ISDN trunks.


Cisco Expressway Collaboration Firewall

Comstice Customer Connect app is used over public Internet and calls need to go through a collaboration-aware firewall solution such as Cisco Expressway. Therefore audio and video calls can be generated between the caller and the agent without compromising from the enhanced security features.



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