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Manually routing the calls in Contact Center Queues

by Yigit Zorlu on April 11, 2017

Manually routing the calls in Contact Center Queues

There are circumstances where an individual call in queue needs to be treated and routed to a specific agent or a number manually rather than longest waiting or other call routing logic. Comstice can list the individual calls waiting in the queue, then supervisors can manually route them to a specific agent or a phone number if needed.

What is the Point?

It is all about being in control of all aspects in your contact center. We "trust" the contact center logic that it will eventually route all the calls within the contact center queue as expected. Then we try to explain the calls abandoned in queue virtually with no data in hand. Instead, visualizing the individual calls in queue will help customer service teams to see the circumstances when the automated queue logic fails. It is also possible to flag the individual call with specific information such as "fraud risk", "payment pending" and "VIP" and manually route the call to a destination. If no action is taken, the call will be routed automatically to an agent from the queue and it will be cleared from the Incoming Calls Queue list.

Better Visibility of the Queue

Instead of monitoring the total number of calls in queue, Comstice can help organizations to see the individual calls in queue. It is also possible to add a flag to the call to provide further information and alerts to the team, before the call hits an agent. Information about each call can include;

-Calling: Name or phone number of the incoming caller

-Called:Internal called number or the name of the call flow. This can also be used for filtering the calls hitting the selected numbers or business units

-Queue: The team/skill that the call currently gets queued. This can also be used for filtering the calls hitting a specific queue.

-Flag: Any type of identifier about the caller or the queue leg they hit. Examples are "fraud risk", "payment pending" and "VIP". This can be used for filtering the calls with selected flags. Each flag can be highlighted as a "positive" or a "negative" flag so that they will be color-coded accordingly.

-Wait Time: Wait time in queue for the individual call.

-Route: Team leaders can manually route the specific call to either one of the logged in agents by typing their name or a specific internal or external number for treatment.

How to Use

Supervisors can access these queues from their Comstice Desktop Agent Supervisor panel (above) or using Comstice Wallboard web interface. This feature can also be added as a Cisco Finesse gadget if needed.

Manually routing the calls in Contact Center Queues

Comstice Desktop Agent for Cisco Finesse offers access to Manual Routing for contact center queues.
You can download Comstice Desktop Agent from here.

Comstice Wallboard can also provide visibility and the manual routing feature for the supervisors.
You can download Comstice Wallboard data sheet from here.

Supported Platforms

Manual Queue routing is currently supported in Cisco UCCE, PCCE and UCCX. There is no version dependency. Comstice will soon support the feature in Amazon Connect as well.

Comstice is a Cisco Solution Partner and Amazon Connect Technology partner.




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