Apple Watch as a Collaboration Tool

May 04, 2015 in Mobile Agent
Apple Watch as a Collaboration Tool

Yes, I ordered one and yes it was delivered six weeks before the estimated delivery date. I now own an Apple Watch.

I was never a gadget geek, this purchase is purely for business. If you want to create ideas based on a new technology, you have to use it first. These were "my” first few excuses for buying an Apple Watch.

We started testing smart watches six months ago; one of the best looking one was Motorola Moto 360 running Android Gear. I liked the looks, user interface and default apps. Apple Watch is quite similar but user interface is not as good as Android Wear and default apps have a long way to go. Nevertheless, it is an IOS device and Apple IOS dominates the smart phone use in business.

Comstice Storyboard for Apple Watch
Comstice Storyboard is the Apple Watch extension of Comstice Wallboard app

Despite its early days and time it needs for social acceptance, I think Apple Watch has a case as a business collaboration tool;

Firstly, their battery life can easily cope with your daily business hours. Even with the heavy use of business applications, notifications, instant messaging and health apps, you can still survive the day with a single charging session.

Talking over the watch is quite practical
Talking over Apple Watch is quite practical, no panic if you can't reach your bag to get your IPhone

Secondly, they make you use your phone less than you used to. I never check the notifications on my phone while I am focused on something at work, because it is such as distraction to take it out of your pocket or bag, unlock it and navigate to your app. Apple Watch notifications are very easy to access and not as distracting. Calendar and instant messaging updates are great from the watch. I found it very awkward in the beginning, but I think the watch is very practical for text chats in particular; I used Siri for text-to-speech for the first time, because it made sense.

Lastly, you can make and receive calls from your Apple Watch, which is great if you need to work or drive at the same time. For the first few occasions, I found it extremely uncomfortable to answer the calls from Apple Watch. You feel like a bad copy of Neo from Matrix and I can tell you, it does not feel sexy. However, when I got a call from the office while driving, I used my watch because it made sense. I don't like wearing a bluetooth earpiece while driving. But answering calls from Apple Watch is so easy and safe. It also has a great audio quality for both parties and makes much more sense than carrying a bluetooth earpiece.

Apple watch is not a fashion statement; in fact, in some cases it might go against you. However it is a great tool for helping you to keep up with a busy day at work. You can collaborate better, get distracted less by the notifications and can work while on the call.It is awkward in the beginning but once you see the benefits, you will not care how you look, while talking to your wrist.